A Day At My Middle School:

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Hello, first of all this is not Fun9user9, its his sister, Clee. I got permission from him to pot a quiz. My school (i named it something else in this quiz) in Willowhead. I live in an amazing town in Alaska.

This quiz will show who you would be in my school, whether its my bro's friend, my friend, a popular student, blogger, jockey or even an orchestra member. Wanna find out?! Go on ahead!

Created by: Fun9user9

  1. I come up to you on your first day and say:"hello, i am Clee, that's short for Cleo..."i am not exactly popular, what do you say back?
  2. I continue my day, and you are in my tech class, so is my twin brother, Siris. You see our resemblance and ask me....
  3. GIRLS....Next is lunch, you have to pick a table. My friend Muriel-Marium is dating my brother (ugh) so they are both at my table. You want to get to know....
  4. After lunch its free time.... do you:
  5. okay some quick questions before the end of school: Do you own a husky dog
  6. do you have an obsession for HARRY POTTER
  7. have you played an instrument for more than 4 years?
  8. Are you the _______________ at school?
  9. What harry potter character is your favorite?
  10. Finally the end of your journey at my school ended..... who did you become known as?

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