should boys be punished in girls school uniform

This quiz asks if you would use a particular form of Discipline on your male offspring for REALLY bad behaviour.It is based on a situation used years ago.

Would making your son dress as a schoolgirl for bullying his sister and for private school holiday study due to poor school grades, improve his behaviour and his performance.

Created by: Aiden

  1. What age are you?
  2. Should you be made to wear Girls School Uniform as a punishment?
  3. What would be the Uniform you would hate most to have to wear?
  4. You are made to wear a striped or gingham summer dress, should you wear turn over ankle socks, knee socks or tights
  5. Which shoes should you be made to wear with your dress?
  6. Should you have to wear a blazer with your dress?
  7. Should you have to wear a hat with your uniform?
  8. Should you have to wear regulation school underwear
  9. Should you have to wear your dress below, on or above your knees.
  10. Wearing a skirt or gymslip, ankle or knee socks or tights?
  11. Which shoes should you wear with a skirt/ gymslip/
  12. School tie or open neck blouse?
  13. Which hat should be worn?
  14. Should you be seen by others dressed in Girls school uniform?
  15. Should you be have to go out in public dressed in your uniform?
  16. Would this punishment improve your behaviour if you had to wear it every day during school holiday for private tuition and leisure time. 7 days a week.
  17. How would you describe your feelings at being punished in this way?
  18. Should additional punishments be added for your bad behaviour in Uniform such as:- prolonged corner time, writing lines, Sent to bed early, cold showers, extra PE peroids in girls traditional gym kit, the ultimate spank as a final resort
  19. To what age should the uniform punishment be used?

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