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Basically I am a pretty big fan of creepypasta. I already made this quiz on another thing so a I thought I could bring it to this website. I'm not sure if people like creepypasta on here too much but I'll make it anyway. There's got to be someone who likes it and wants to take the quiz. I hope so anyway. I don't mind making quizzes for nothing but it would be quite nice for people to bother taking it.

I always write more than needed for these. I don't know why. Nobody reads them anyway. I tend to just ramble on I suppose. I hate having and empty space I think. And if you are reading this, you should probably just get on with the quiz. There really is nothing interesting on any of these in my quizzes. Thanks anyway though. So yeah, you don't need to read these.

Created by: NoEyedWatcher

  1. I'll start off easy. What game is BEN from?
  2. What's the name of the little girl in Play With Me?
  3. As well as cutting a smile into his face, what else did Jeff so after getting out of hospital?
  4. "I am God!" What creepypasta does this come from?
  5. What was Candle Cove?
  6. Which place in Pokémon games is a subject for some gaming creepypastas?
  7. What Creepypasta involved small children used for a science experiment that always laughed even if they were hurt?
  8. What creepypasta is meant to be in Minecraft?
  9. What's the real name of The Bloody Painter?
  10. And for the last question, who is a Masky? Before anyone says anything, I know he's not technically a creepypasta.

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