A chance meeting with one direction love story part 2

read my question of the day. if you want to be in my upcoming series if you are the first one to figure it out its your lucky day... please comment....

read my question of the day. if you want to be in my upcoming series if you are the first one to figure it out its your lucky day... please comment....

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  1. then you started fishing in your pockets and then all of a sudden you go out to open the door. Zayn asked “where are you going” and you say “I dropped my phone outside”. So you leave the room and see your phone on the ground and grab it until you stand back up and see right before your eyes the two guards that were chasing you and alexia and other guards there too staring right back at you so you say “nice run we had didn’t we”. You freak out inside your head because you were stupid enough to close the door when you went to look for your cell phone so the guys wouldn’t see you being hauled away and neither alexia. “Why are you in front of one direction’s room” one of the guards yelled. There was really no need to yell because we were like five inches away from each other but I stopped myself from saying that because I decided not to get myself in more trouble “umm the thing is that I know one direction and they can tell you their self, trust me, and just ask them”. “Come with me young lady”. They had you surrounded so you couldn’t really run and you tried to yell but you were so scared you couldn’t find the courage to yell or even knock the door for help. It was like you were paralyzed. The guards took you and handcuffed you. All you thought was “ohh mi god I’m going to be a delinquent, my mom will be mad, no college would want me, and I will have no life”.
  2. Harry’s POV: we were just laughing and talking to alexia. Zayn was of course flirting with alexia and holding her by her waist because he liked those types of girls. You know the types that are not afraid of risks but also have some things she would be scared of so you know she wouldn’t be crazy enough to go skydiving from mars or go rob a bank. Ok those are bad examples but you get my point. And alexia was also beautiful with long blond hair and ocean blue eyes and thin eyebrows. I swear she could be the twin of his ex: Perri Edwards. I thought that would be freaky to date someone that is a lookalike of your ex but whatever. I knew it was also a plus for him that she dated a bad boy before which he liked because that meant she wouldn’t mind him being himself or acting like a bad boy without constantly hearing nags about changing. He and I both didn’t think a girl had any right to change a guy. They wouldn’t like it if we changed them. Then I just realized where’s__________? This time I said wheres____outloud. Niall says “she went to go look for her phone…you never pay attention unless it’s about you”. insulted I said in a sarcastic tone “how long does it take to look for your phone, btw she told us its most likely right in front of the door since she remembers looking at the time before alexia started to do her little trick to open the door”.hahaha now he feels stupid. Then alexia panicked “ohh mi gosh do you think the guards took her?”Louis said “umm, no, yes, maybe, umm let’s check.” Then I noticed it is not a hahaha situation maybe _____ is in real trouble. Liam was the first to run and open the door. He looked straight,left,and right, and started walking down the hallway and came back with a worried face scratching his head like he always does when he’s worried or thinking really hard. Then he said “______ is nowhere to be found”. We could all tell alexia was starting to tear up, her face and eyes became red.
  3. Your POV: when I was handcuffed I managed to drop my phone. But it was on purpose. Alexia would know what to do.
  4. Alexia POV: “what’s in your other hand” I said to Liam. “_____ Phone that was the only thing left so I decided to take it instead of leaving it on the ground”.
  5. Liam: alexia said “what direction was the phone pointed in”. “Umm left”. “Are there any words on the phone”? “Yea but just random letters it probably was pressed when it fell to the ground” her eyes brightened and she smiled. I was thinking-Is________ friend bipolar or is it just me? and I could see all the guys had the same reaction and even zayn who totally liked her. Alexia said “stop looking at me like I’m crazy, im not I hope you know that” I still looked freaked “Liam just gives me the phone and then I will explain why I’m happy”. I did what she said. But still very confused. Alexia yelled to niall “pass me a paper and a pencil”. He went slowly so she yelled at him to hurry up. Okay this girl is seriously nuts hopefully___ is not the same way. He finally came with it.
  6. Alexia pov: I know the boys think I’m crazy but whatever. Not the first time. I read the text and it had both letters and icons. 911:-( oo#5.F1N#f5s3t3t3. I showed niall and smiled and he looked confused. Also the rest of the boys. “boys… you remember how I told u my ex bf had learned many tricks from his dad since he was part of the FBI so he learned tricks but one his dad taught him was when u need help and need to communicate quick and u don’t want a bad guy to understand to stop the plans u have to create codes. “What does that have to do with anything” Louis said. “That has to do with everything… well john that’s my ex name taught_______ and me the same trick. So _______ is telling us that we need to head left and there are five guards that are mean and handcuffed her and one of the guys are named Jeff.” Louis yelled “I know a guard name Jeff and his security headquarters is in the left wing.” Zayn says to me “you amaze me”…I felt my face turn red. I really like him and then harry said well____ amazes me. We all laughed because he turned red. I guess he meant to keep that in his mind.lol that’s so cute.
  7. your POV: I hope alexia understand my text. Jeff says “since you are not cooperating we are taking you to the prison”. “I am… I really talked to one direction just ask them.” “So you can escape again…I’m not stupid… “There’s four other guards inn here to hold me back”… “well too bad I’m not wasting 1D time on a girl like you who is obviously lying”…they took me out the back way and I went into the cop car headed to the station. Alexia saves me… I yelled in my mind thinking if only she can hear me.
  8. Niall POV: we rushed downstairs and opened the door with no signs of _______. Louis said “where could she possible be”. I said we have to look for__________. Harry said “I agree” in a kind of high pitched voice. And Zayn said “this is going to be a long day. Alexia says “welcome to our world”.
  9. Liam POV: one question lied in my head “will we ever find__________”
  10. my question of the day is in the results

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