]wings of fire love story

Um this is a wings of fire love quiz yay I hope you like the quiz and my characters and um yeah hope you like this sorry I repeated things lol Um well yeah!!!!!

Idk ok plz enjoy this quiz And I am not good at making things this is my first quiz ok so I hope ya like and stuff hah ok bye! Um well actually um this quiz is gonna be fun!!

Created by: Xoof

  1. You see a NightWing in the library reading a scroll
  2. When you go up to the NightWing if you do he quietly says hi and smiles looking down at his scroll again and again
  3. You ask the NightWing some more questions to get to know him
  4. Finally another dragon hybrid of a skywing and a RainWing a friend of the NightWing comes upHey badgerblaze nightstar says happily handing him a mango he had in his hand
  5. “Woah cool new friend ya got!” The hybrid says jittery and happily eats the mango. “Yeah she’s a __wing and she is pretty um cool!” He says.
  6. A strong looking SandWing shows up and then he grabs the scroll from nightstar and taking a look “nice scroll.” He laughs throwing it also “cool friends nightstar!” He says grabbing your arm and then taking you with him to the arenas
  7. The SandWing stops and let’s go. “Let’s fight together oh also my name is blade and let’s be friends and my other friends over there aren’t as cool as me so.” He says slashing a dummy
  8. You fight with blade a little before you ask to head back and bump into a dark greyish blue seawing
  9. Then blade asks if he would want to come with us and he nods saying he has nothing else to do
  10. You head back with them and sit next too...
  11. If you chose to sit by storm He smiles and gives you a affectionate look
  12. If you chose blade “You are kinda uhhh never mind...”
  13. If you choose bagdgerblaze “Heya you are pretty cool by the way also here have a mannnnngoooo!!” He says smiling
  14. If you choose nightstar “Here read this scroll it’s so awesome!” He says handing you a scroll and smiling affectionately
  15. You decide to head off with one of the dragons and you choose
  16. If you choose blade “Actually umm what I was gonna tell you at the table was that I like you....”
  17. If you choose badgerblaze “Your really prettyyyyyyy!” He said smiling and offered another mango
  18. If you choose storm “You know I kinda liked you ever since we met and I’m sorry if I’m overwhelming you...” he says shuffling his claws
  19. Nightstar “Um you know (your name) I was wondering if you would want to go to the library with me tomorrow?” He asked blushing
  20. Should I make a part two??

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