Which of my Wings of Fire OCs are you

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Have ever wondered what kind of dragon you would be in the WoF series. But do you lack ideas? Well this is the right place for you! You can also use the characters for something. I got these pictures from the internet so yeah.

In my quiz, you are a Dragonet of one of the tribes. There are seven possible results, and each tribe is included. There will be 14 questions in total. The results include personality, appearance and other things. This takes place about 100 years after the war so yeah! Have lots of fun and please comment and rate!

Created by: Forestflamy

  1. In which type of landscape would you like to live?
  2. What is your personality?
  3. Who is your favorite Dragonet of destiny?
  4. What is your special ability?
  5. Are you rich?
  6. Where do you live
  7. Do you have any treasure
  8. Do you like the other tribes?
  9. On which side of the war was your tribe?
  10. Who is your queen (These characters live in a time after the war, all the queens are made up.)
  11. Sorry but.... what’s your favorite color?
  12. Choose one
  13. Do you like to fly or swim or something else
  14. Will you Comment and rate?

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Quiz topic: Which of my Wings of Fire OCs am I