'Who Said It?' Sanders Sides Version

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This quiz is going to test your memory skills and your knowledge of each of the Sanders Sides, and what they've said in their videos. This will include the main four Sides, plus Deceit, Remus, and Thomas.

If you can't remember right off the bat who said it, try to decipher it using your knowledge on their personalities! Enjoy! (I got this idea from Viv, go check her quiz out too "A Sanders Sides Who Said I?")

Created by: Lanie

  1. "Ah, but you aren't peering through a styling pair of Warby Parkers."
  2. "Are you trying to rap?!"
  3. "I...literally can't think of anything bitter or cynical to remark."
  4. "It's okay to be sad sometimes."
  5. 'Five ruined kids films!"
  6. "What you don't know can't hurt you!"
  7. "Mama told me to never play with my food..."
  8. "Just nod and agree, he has a lot of love to give..."
  9. "I love me a good spoonful of Crofters!"
  10. "Yeah, Patton paid me a dollar to say that..."
  11. "Thank you Virgil, I love how you just ruined my dramatic introduction."
  12. "Why do you want to stifle your own Creativity Thomas?"
  13. "Looks like Logan has reached his "listening to others' limit for the day!"
  14. "Yeah, if your life is a Sims game..."

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