Which Sanders Sides Character Are You? (No Remus/Short Quiz)

Hello! This is a quiz to see which of the Sanders Sides you are. I'm sure anyone could solve this, but if you can't, then I can always give you a tip to start.

For those unfamiliar, a Side is the manifestation of a particular part of a personality. They are figments of the host's imagination. These Sides are invisible to other people, and only the video audience and the 'host' can see them, as evidenced in Can LYING Be Good??. Thomas Sanders' Sides are the core point of the series' deep lore.

Created by: Austin Way
  1. You see your friend being bullied! Do you
  2. You forgot to attend your friend's party! Do you
  3. You have a play to attend, but it's on the day of your friend's wedding! Do you
  4. You have to go to school tomorrow. Do you
  5. Your friend gets hurt! Do you
  6. Another Side is suspicious of you! Do you
  7. Your room has been filled with useless objects! Do you
  8. In a fight or flight situation, do you
  9. If you had kinesis, it would be
  10. Last stretch! If you were a Final Fantasy role and/or enemy, you would be

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Quiz topic: Which Sanders Sides Character am I? (No Remus/Short Quiz)