♡ what twd character are you? ♡

Do you watch The Walking Dead? Have you ever been curious at all to see what character is most like you, or what character you'd actually be in this series?

Well, in this quiz, you will be able to figure out the mystery and by answering a measly, 12 questions, you can easily find out who you'd be, or who is most like you, in The Walking Dead universe.

Created by: ♡ Eire ♡

  1. ♡ When a Walker heard begins to storm your shelter, how do you handle the situation / what do you do? ♡
  2. ♡ Negan is attacking, and you have a change to kill him and his men just before he murders the rest of the group, though it's a suicide mission. ♡
  3. ♡ What is your weapon of choice? ♡
  4. ♡ Where is the first place you'd think of to go with your group after a large attack from another group? ♡
  5. ♡ If you were able to choose, what would be the greatest element of your personality? ♡
  6. ♡ Which one of these colours is most appealing? ♡
  7. ♡ You're running out of supplies, blankets, clothing, food, bullets, and knives; what order would you get these items in? ♡
  8. ♡ What would you choose as a companion? ♡
  9. ♡ Did you like this quiz? ♡
  10. ♡ Ready for your results c:? ♡

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Quiz topic: ♡ what twd character am I? ♡