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One of the most forgotten or "not interesting" subjects in our world today are animals. Those who DO happen to have a love for the world and the creatures that live in it should test their knowledge.

This is a compact quiz with questions varying from obvious to near impossible to tell. I hope whoever takes this will let their knowledge of animals grow, as well as the passion!

Created by: EmraldYE
  1. What is the loudest insect?
  2. Which of the following animals beats its wings the fastest?
  3. Which animal has a heart just like that of humans?
  4. Do ALL monkeys breathe air?
  5. Are dogs colorblind?
  6. Which bird has the largest wingspan?
  7. Which animal of today is most like a t-rex dinosaur?
  8. Which of the following animals does NOT live in a group?
  9. How do sea stars reproduce?
  10. Which species of tick is the one that transmits Lyme disease?
  11. What is the most poisonous spider on earth?
  12. Which of the following birds is NOT extinct?
  13. How do dolphins sleep?
  14. What is it called when a caterpillar goes into a chrysalis and comes out as a butterfly?
  15. What makes up most of a shark?
  16. Which of the following animals CANNOT be found in inland streams and creeks of North America?
  17. What do camels store in their humps?
  18. Which animal does not belong?
  19. What group is the fastest animal of all in?
  20. How do snakes smell?
  21. Why do vultures have bald heads?
  22. How does a killdeer bird lure predators away from its nest?
  23. What does the opossum do when startled by a predator?
  24. Which of the following mammals is NOT a rodent?
  25. What is a male baby horse called?
  26. What is a bullfrog's call?
  27. Which of the following fish species can be found in both fresh and salt water?
  28. Which of the following is an AMPHIBIAN?
  29. Which of the following long-legged birds does not belong?
  30. Why do Zebras have stripes?
  31. Why do lemurs stick their tails high in the air?
  32. What happens when a centipede's legs are cut off?
  33. How many neck bones does a giraffe have?
  34. What can squirrels do that most other rodents can't?
  35. How long can a cockroach go without a head?
  36. What is the Koala's only food?
  37. How do driver ants cross water?
  38. Which animal can ONLY be found at Antarctica?
  39. What color is the skin of a polar bear?
  40. What noise can a rabbit make?
  41. Last question: (It's about me, the maker of the quiz) What is my favorite group of animals to study?

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