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This quiz is about what domestic or semi-domestic animal you are. If it doesn't let me chance the title, be assured that is what it is actually about. Well that's about all there is to that but it won't let me get off which less than 150 figures. It actually told me not to mention this requirement and wouldn't let me proceed otherwise so I'm using the word figure when I mean a word that often comes after cartoon and here means letters and symbols. I can't believe they told me not to say that.

Are you a horse, a rat, a hamster, a snail, a fish, a pony, a cat, a dog, a rabbit, or a lovebird? I know I missed the amphibians and reptiles but I can't take all day with this. I think I covered the cold, detached, uncommunicative reptilian behavior pretty well with someone of the other ones.

Created by: Beth
  1. Do you like to swim?
  2. There is one egg roll left on the table at a party and no one's directly around. Do you take it?
  3. Would you spend an hour creating a quiz on GoToQuiz because somebody else posted a quiz guessing what people looked like and you wanted to try to make a more accurate one but were too lazy to figure out how so you made an animal quiz instead?
  4. Would you rather make yourself look fancy and miss half the ceremony you're attending or arrive dressed in something old you found that happened to be clean and see the whole thing?
  5. Why would you be inclined to have children?
  6. Have you ever cheated off someone's paper or lied on your resume?
  7. Do you like cooking for other people?
  8. The career I'm in or would like is:
  9. What is the ideal house for you?
  10. I hate quizzes

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