"the saga of darren shan(my style!)pt.2!

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what will happen after they met mr.tall!?well the circus has lots of cool shows!some of them are scarry..some of them are funny..some of them are crazy..

wanna know what will happen there!?or better to say what will happen to steve?from this part,the real story will begin...please take it cause the next part will be super awesome!!

Created by: dragon

  1. so you go in with darren and steve.you sit down and the show starts..
  2. they show you some cool shows!
  3. next show was man with orange hairs with his spider!the spider is a little biger than other spiders.you look at darren and steve.they're both unusual!
  4. "what's going on,steve!?"you ask."shh.."says steve quietly."darren,what's going on!?"you ask from darren."the spider.."he says."the spider!?"you say."uhh...darren loves spiders!what's wrong with steve then!?"you thought."...
  5. that man leavs and the other show starts.steve doesn't look as happy as he was befor..
  6. finally all the shows finished!when you wanna leave.steve says:"you two go on.i should do something.""allright.."darren says.when steve left,darren says:"c'mon!let's go after him!""..
  7. you're walking slowly right behind darren."shh..there's he!"darren says.he was right!steve was there.with that man with his spider!"i know you're a vampire!"steve says to him."mm..looks like you're verry smart young man."says mr.cerpsley(that man)."i wanna be a vampire too!"says steve."sorry,you can't be a vampire cause.."suddenley the door closes and you didn't hear the rest of mr.cerpsley's talk.darrren says:"let's go!steve shouldn't see us here!"and you run to your house.you go to your bed..think about..
  8. you wake up in the morning.eat your breakfast and you go to school.in the school,steve seems realy angry.that means...
  9. in the class,you sit beside darren.he says slowly:"you think steve is now a vampire!?""..
  10. "look,i loved that spider.i wanna still it.."darren says."..

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