~Sunsets Wolf Pack~ PART DOS (2)

First and for most, IM SO SORRY FOR WAITING SOOOOOOOOOOOOO LONG TO DO THIS (if you cared). Second, you might not need to take the first quiz, but it will be more fun if you do! ;)

Your a brown wolf with a white tail named Sunset and your alpha from Moss Rock Pack (your technically birth pack, hint hint) had dream about a prophecy, "A wolf with fur bright as the sun, shall chose a pack, and only one. If she slows down or stays out of sight, someone out for her will land their killing bite" (AND YES, I changed the prophecy)

Created by: Kita_was-here
  1. You sit in front of your mother, wanting nothing but to nuzzle her cheek, but you knew better. Your mother's face then went from calm to concerned, "I don't have much time, Sunset you must listed" she stepped forward, you stare into her almost see-through eyes, "The last part of the prophecy, it's not completely wrong, someone WILL be coming for you, but..." She continued, "The last part is, 'She must bring them ALL together, or be separated from them forever!" she finished as you felt someone batting at your side, "Oh no, your waking up...Remember what I told you!" she shouted urgently, "But-" you feel soft moss under you as everything fades.
  2. You awake to a dark, jet black figure standing above you, two yellow eyes appear out of the darkness, "Your awake..." You hear, you realize it came from the dark figure. A paw stretches out to move some vines out the way of what seems to be a clear, the natural light warms your face as the black figure turns to you, "Hello, you took quite the nap" you barely heard him say
  3. "Well...Are you going to sit here all day? Wouldn't seem very...legendary" he mumbled, finishing the last part under his breath, "Legendary?" you ask, some how hearing him despite his low voice, "Nothing..." he sighed, pushing his way out of the brambles while also making a path for you.
  4. You walk out of the dark small den, some moss sticking to your fur. As you shook of the moss, you smell something familiar, wet grass...OAK BARK WOLVES! You realize with a start, turning to see a handful (or paw-full?) of wolves staring at you, they squint as they realize you're from Moss Rock pack, "Not much to look at, I know" the jet-black wolf sighed, suddenly beside you. You look at the wolves again and notice that this was LESS than half of the wolves in your pack, but the others could just be hunting or sleeping...right?
  5. "I'm Shadow by the way" he mumbles softly, "...Nice to meet you" you mumble back, still uncomfortable being in another packs territory. A large, broad, gray and white male wolf stalks over to the both of you, Shadow nods to them as he steps away, "So, your Sunset...correct?" They growled as you stepped back, his energy was just like... a bear in cave, something you know to stay FAR away from. The wolf eyed you suspiciously, then stared at his paws, "She really is the one..." you barely heard him mumble. Suddenly, the male wolf smiled at you, "You are welcome to stay as long as you want" he looks at you with kind eyes.
  6. "Shadow, please take our guest to tour the territory" he nodded to Shadow, who nods back and turns to you, "Come along" he says as you follow. While showing you their territory's rivers, fallen logs and hunting grounds, he starts to stray away from you.
  7. "Are you ok?" you ask again, seeing that he didn't hear you at first (or you didn't ask before hand) "Oh, I'm fine...just worried" He mumbles, "about what?" you ask, "my pack...It's so much smaller than yours" he sighed.
  8. "I just wish we had more members, so I wouldn't need to steal your food" Shadow sighed as you gasp quietly, "So...you-" you stutter as Shadow rolls his eyes, a hint of regret in his pupils.
  9. "Are you really apart of the prophecy? That's supposed to join our two packs?" Shadow wonders, speaking loud enough so you didn't need to strain your ears to listen, "I.." you hesitate, still not knowing for your self...
  10. Suddenly, a long, thundering howl filled your ears, "We need to head home..." Shadow suggested as he leaped away, "Just follow my scent if you get lost" he barked as he continued walking. You stare at the star filled sky, sighing...you HAD to figure out how to make this prophecy come true! While you watched the sky, a familiar scent filled your nose...one you haven't smelt for a LONG time.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!! (again, I'm sorry but I'm tired of writing)

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