What game of thrones wolf are you?

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If you have watched or read a game of thrones then you will be familiar with the stark dire wolves. Ghost, Lady, Nymeria, Summer, Shaggydog and Grey Wind.

Do you want to know which you are most like. Are you a trusing wolf like lady or a rebelios wolf like Nymeria. A gentle wolf like summer or a ferocious wolf like Shaggydog. Let's find out...

Created by: Wizz bang

  1. Are you...
  2. Your favorite colour
  3. Favorite game of thrones quote
  4. If you could revive any game of thrones charecter which would it be...
  5. What of the following charecters were the most evil
  6. What sigil would you take
  7. Your favorite stark child
  8. Do you fit in?
  9. Your favorite season
  10. What animal do you prefer to eat
  11. What is your favorite dire wolf
  12. Favorite game of thrones location
  13. Favorite holliday
  14. Where do you sit
  15. Was virserys a bad guy?

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Quiz topic: What game of thrones wolf am I?