~ R u a txtr? ~

There are many smart texters but few are true texting genuises. What does it take to be a texting genuis? You must be a quick texter and be very firmiliar with the texting language. Seem simple? This quiz may amaze you!

Whether it is typing or texting, we all use the special secret language. The hidden language used to make things easier for us. But do we really know what it all means?

Created by: abi

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. ok pretty basic here:HBU
  2. stilll pretty simple:nm
  3. BDW
  4. lylas
  5. Wtg
  6. just plain simple:txt
  7. cos (ya i no harder!)
  8. bffl
  9. nmjchbu!
  10. did ya enjoy this quiz?

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