do you know taylor swift

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ok like the example said take this awesome quiz or else u mite be srry yeah im srry for the short words im a txtr luv ya and take the quiz froever and alwayz

are you a genious well i guess not cuz this quiz is the ultimate taylor swift quiz around town you should take it and then comment on it you might learn something

Created by: gabrielle

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  1. ok so what is taylor swift's favorite food
  2. lucky number
  3. year fearless came out
  4. first song on the speak now album
  5. pets name
  6. movie she starred in in 2010
  7. middle name
  8. ''and im back for the first time since then and im standing on your ..........what
  9. you gave me roses and i left them there to die
  10. last ? name of this quiz

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Quiz topic: Do I know taylor swift