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Please make sure you took the other ones before you take this one. Sorry but I may have missed some facts and I couldn't think up of good endings so yea. And the first story ending is from a person on youtube I don't know how to give credit...

I don't know if it's illegal??? But yea from a girl called Sharni07. Thanks you people that took my last one! Love ya all.

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  1. [Eh?] *just woke up* 8:37AM [All I remember is soft lips, red hearts, heart halves and deep blue eyes...] She grumbles rubbing her forebead. *sees Alex at the foot of her bed* [Alex? I don't remember anything] *freaks out* "Hey, hey chill" he says grinning. "YOU WATCHED ME SLEEP!" Alexi screams. He laughs. "Don't worry, I didn't do nothin weird ok? Look, I'll go now. This place is a wreck..." Rena wakes up on the floor. [Oh I didn't notice her there. Hey, her eyes are like back to normal now] Rena scratches her head. "Uh..." She has a drool down her mouth. "Oh hey Alexi" she says nodding in Alexi's direction. "Good morning" said Alexi. "I don't remember anything... someone offered me a shot and I took it and then I took more and more and then I went into the closet with someone and... OH MY GOD I THINK IT WAS DARWIN! I THINK WE KISSED... but I forgot... oh..." she moans. Alexi laughs. "What's that on your neck?" Rena asks. "What?" said Alexi. "That" said Rena pointing. Alexi rushes to her mom's mirror. "Oh my god..." said Rena gasping behind her "It's a hickey!" she screeches and darts on the bed. "NOT FAIR NOT FAIR NOT FAIR!" she screeches again pumping the pillow. "Who gave it to you!?" she shrieks again. "Alex?" Alexi offered a choice. Actually she didn't really remember anything. It was dark... and all she remembered was soft lips, blue eyes and hearts.
  2. "What's that on your hand?" asked Rena. *lifts hand up* [Oh... I think I kinda remember] *slaps head* [I guess I'm ok now] "IT'S A SCARLET HEART PENDANT ON A REAL GOLD CHAIN!" Rena squealed. "I think that pendant is real ruby too! Oh... Alex is such a charmer. But I think I scored a guy last night too!" "In seven minutes in heaven" said Alexi. "Whatever. Besides he's way better than Alex" said Rena and the way she said it, she meant it. [I'm glad she's happy with another guy now] "Yea, a last two years old crush" added Alexi. "WHO CARES, HE'S AWESOMELY HOT! OH DARWIN..." Rena shrieked. "What's that?" asked Rena picking up a metal box on the bed. She picked off the pieces of rust and gingerly opened it. "Oh..." she looks up at Alexi with teary eyes. [Jeez, she's always changing emotions] She pulls out a heart half necklace. They were still in good shape and looked like they were bought from an expensive store. But the truth was they were from a thrift store. "Sherri was a Best. I was a Friends. And you were a Forever. It may have been 10 cents, but to us it was like worth millions" said Rena peeling off a sticker price tag from the back of a heart half. "Billions" Alexi corrected. "Trillions" said Rena. "Check the 'documents'. They'll tell how much they're worth" suggested Alexi. Rena nods and takes out a small paper.
  3. "Oh boy. This one's mine. I can recognize the writing instantly. It's sooo sloppy. I can't read it. Oh well, here goes. So embarrassing... I hereby declare that Alexi, Sherri and I, Rena, are Best Friends Forever... uh I'm stuck here" said Rena fumbling. "Hey you read my name wrong" pointed out Alexi. "No... it says 'Alexi'" said Rena. Alexi takes the paper. "I thought no one ever called me Alexi... I was always Alex wasn't I?" "Yea, until Alex showed up and started calling you Alexi. But I don't remember any of us calling you Alexi" said Rena. She snatches the paper back and reads "No matter what happens, we'll always be friends deep inside. We will be there for each other and always care for each other. Proof of our friendship is right here. A necklace. They will bond us together. When we are lonely we will look at these and know that the other one has the other half. And that they will always be by our side. Forever Friends signed, Rena Rasberry" said Rena. "Oh... we didn't write it down did we. And my last name was Rasberry" she laughed softly. "So why didn't we wear them. Why did we bury the box?" asked Alexi more to herself. Rena shrugs. "Sherri was so good in English. These don't look like they were written by __th graders. We just copied mostly from Sherri's" said Rena. Rena puts the necklace on her neck. And then she hesitates and takes it off. "But I guess we aren't friends anymore... oh well who cares. We'll always be friends deep inside it says" Rena puts it back on and darts out the room. But then she runs into a rock hard wall. The rock hard wall was Mrs. Grene. Rena falls back her eyes wide and she smiles awkwardly
  4. "There was a party here" said Alexi's mom. She made the word party sound like bomb and doing drugs. Alexi just stared at her mother. "Well?" boomed Alexi's mom. Alexi just stared. And then she pointed to Rena. "HEY!" Rena shrieks and chucks a pillow at Alexi. Alexi just falls right off her chair onto the floor. "Alrighty here, get UP" growled Alexi's mom and yanked up her arm. "Ok, missy. Who did this" Alexi just shrugs. "Well Alfred?" asked Alexi's mother to her Dad. "I say she did quite a good job here. Better than the last one I did" he said studying everything. "ALFRED!" Mom screamed. "What" he asked. " Oh, right. young lady... uh..." Mom slouches on the bed. "You are grounded for three weeks. No visiting Rena or any of your other friends" she said. Alexi just stared. "Whoa Donna, that's kinda harsh don't you think? She didn't commit a crime. She just had a little fun" "Well, my house's trashed" she snapped. "MY house too. And I say it's ok, she's innocent" "They were playing beer pong!" she screeched pointing to the set of cups on the floor. "Only one way to find out your innocence" said Dad thoughtfully. "Listen closely girl" he said. Alexi stared at him. "Who. Won. The. Game" he said pointing at the beer pong setup. Mom groans loudly and storms off to the kitchen to make breakfast.
  5. Alexi's Dad followed Mom out the door. Alexi follows. Rena files after. She steps over a guy with lipstick marks all over his face. Both guys and girls slumped all over the sofa, several people on the floor, one girl with her head on the kitchen table. Her blonde hair is matted with her dry puke, and she's surrounded by beer cans and beer bottles. The floor, modern carpet style, is comprised of two categories. A bar and a seven year old kid party. Beer kegs, barrels, bottles, cans, beer soaking up the carpet, cups, puke puddles, mugs, and other trash. Banners, confetti, wrapping, ribbons, cake crumbs, plates, frosting, pink and green goop, glitter, etc. The worst is when Mom goes into her bedroom and screams down the hallway which had probably woken up half of Africa. "OK, WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!?!!! AGHHHH!!!" Mom screams almost teary and outraged. Alexi and Dad rushes into the room. Mom thrusts the lacy black bra at the window.
  6. It hits the window but never makes it out. Mom screams again and kicks the floor. [Seven minutes in heaven... oops] Dad tries to calm her and she freaks out by his touch. "ALFRED! THIS IS OK!?! MY LITTLE GIRL... WHAT HAPPENS IN THE MORNING HUH!?!?! EVERYONE WAKES UP PREGNANT I TELL YA!!" she has another fit and then gets up and grabs the bra again. She's about to thrust it out again until Dad says, "Oh, wait honey" She turns on him nostrils flaring. "Um... before you throw it out" he starts. "Wanna smell it?" she offers dangerously sweetly. "Uh... no" he says and opens the window for her. He gestures. She throws. And then she calls everyone to breakfast.
  7. [Well, mom seems to be in a better mood. For now. She and Rena... I can't help comparing them] "Ok, who wants seconds?" she asks sweetly as if she had never did that fit in the bedroom earlier. "ME!" shouts several voices. She goes around and gives them some more helpings. [Mom has these really great cooking skills. They really are magic and heal sore stomachs. Like after a night of four whole kegs] "Here ya go sweetie" said Mom as she scooped more onto Alexi's plate. "Want some more cranberry juice?" she asked. Alexi nodded. Mom pours the rest of the juice into Alexi's cup. Harold's running back for more juice. "Mom, where's Troy?" Alexi asks. "At grandmas" said Mom. Alexi nods and then wonders [Where's Alex?] The thought leads to Sherri. What was Sherri doing right now? Alexi gladly took thirds. 15 minutes later. "Good bye Mrs. Grene. Thanks!" said a couple of kids as they make leave. "Oh no you don't. You ain't goin no where" [I didn't know mom used ain't] "Um, excused me?" asked a girl. "I said. You ain't goin nowhere" "Um, and why's that?" she asks uncomfortably. "Because... you people. are cleaning up. this. house. NOW." She tosses everyone a broom or a chore and then she plugs in the vacuum.
  8. [Oh Alex, just escaping work are you? You dirtbag] 30 minutes later "Alright, I'll let you all go then" said Mrs. Grene once she felt a bit satisfied. Everyone hurries out the door before she changes her mind. Only Harold, Betty and Rena stayed behind for a bit. Betty grabbed her apron, jacket and shoes and waved good bye as soon as the kitchen was polished. Harold dumped the last bag of cans on top of the other bags of cans. Dad offered to tow them so Harold left. Rena just sits on the floor and throws glitter and shiny material into the air. They land in her hair. Mom's in the living room digging under the sofa. [It's just us girls now] *pulls down banner* A clank of cans in the kitchen. [Ok...] "Mom?" said Alexi as she made way to the kitchen. "Hey" said Alex. "I thought you were..." "Lazing off? No way. I was here the whole time. Pickin up ya know. Harold forgot these. Betty had to go real fast for somethin" he laughs. [I'm just so glad he's here...] *goes up behind him* "So many beer bottles eh?" said Alex. Alexi just wraps her arms around his middle. "Alexi?" he asks. "Thank you" said Alexi. She tightens her grip. "For the necklace" she finished. He relaxed as his hand rests on hers in front of his waist.
  9. Ok... so happy ending or sad ending?
  10. Sorry there's only two endings cuz I don't know how else to end them. :/

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