Hannibal Quiz

This is an ancient history test. It is all about Hannibal. It includes question like 'who is Hannibal', 'Who is Plutarch'. You get the idea. Its a good quiz because it is educational. You may even learn something new.

Are you revising for an exam all about Hannibal? The chances are you are are not but even so, take this quiz. It is really good and fun and you will probally learn something you didn't know beforehand.

Created by: starristar

  1. What happened in 216 BC?
  2. Name a problem that Hannibal encountered in the Alps...
  3. Who was Hannibal?
  4. Who defeated Hannibal at the battle of Zama?
  5. What did Hannibal start in 218 BC?
  6. Who was Plutarch?
  7. What was Hanniblal's father called?
  8. Who were Hannibal's two brothers?
  9. What was Saguntum?
  10. Who was Minucius?
  11. Which of these was included in the peace treatey between Rome and Carthage?
  12. Who was Livy?

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