{Fearless Part 5}

Dannica: sorry I didn't add you that much in this quiz part, I will in the next :O :D But ya. Sundaisy: OH thank you so much !! :) Sorry I didn't add you yet to this series but you'll be coming up soon! :P _ViolaLover_: Oh yea but I luv drama, well not when it happens to me... oooooo drama let's get popcorn! YUM! :P Ha! ^_^

xxblutixx: hey can I ask you something, I just cannot decide for you be either in the other side or our side... hmmmm... oh well what side do you want? BY the way...XD Faith: oh! Nice colors! Ok.... Well,...... IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT! :P haha sorry I like typing random thing, IM FEELING SEXY AND FREE.... Hahah ok I should stop *blushes in shame*

Created by: PuffBall

  1. My eyes fluttered open, I looked around and found pillow feathers all over me, all over everyone, and then I remembered, the pillow fight. Mark was passed out on top Jason, all arms and legs stretched out with pillow feathers all over them. Viola was on top on my right leg, stretched out also, snoring as usual (Note from PuffBall: HAHA! :P), feathers was in her ears also! Danica and BlueBird were sleeping in a position if they were wrestling. Gabriel was in a hugging position, hugging Katana, sleeping peacefully together, oh god they are so cute. Kristen was passed out on the couch with Diana's head on her foot; I remember she was biting he foot to make her stop pounding her with the pillow. And Reckless, where is Reckless. I looked around looking for her, I slowly got up and suddenly I felt pain all over my body. Golly daisy that was some pillow fight. I tip-e-toed out of there: continuing toward the front door, but suddenly it busted open. I looked to find who it is, but my eyes widened when I saw who it is. Reckless was there with Firesoul caring wounded Wolfy inside. "What happened!" I asked, while getting out of their way. "We'll explain to you with everyone else." Wolfy said. I nodded and went back into the living room. I took a deep breath and yelled, "HEY!" everyone jumped up looking around in surprise, and stared at me blaming it on me. I put my serious face, this was not the time for blaming, and one of my sisters got hurt! "Wolfy is wounded." I raised my arm signaling them to fallow as we went to the kitchen. We found Reckless putting her paw on Wolfy, a green glow formed around that area, healing Wolfy slowly. Wolfy had blood all over her stomach, and a bruise was on her leg. This got me worried, "What happened to Wolfy." I asked walking over to Reckless, helping her with her healing. I looked at FireSoul, she sighed and began, "Well when I said I couldn't come to your sleepover I was out in patrol but in Paris, I was trying to get any info on what happened to Poof. Well, Wolfy went to check up on me when she was about to go to your sleepover, but then she also was asking me where her necklace you gave her was. I knew where it was so I teleported back to our mini house, but when I got back to Paris I found her like this. But after that I fainted, I don't know why but I guess I couldn't take it. I called/thought to Reckless, and so she helped me and here we are." FireSoul looked at her sister, Wolfy. I looked down at Wolfy, she's healed. I took my hand off her, it was all bloody, and I ran upstairs and got a wet towel. I went back downstairs and everyone was helping cleaning up her, I helped.
  2. Wolfy was soundly asleep on my bed, "What do you think happened?" I asked, walking back into the living room. "It must have been the son of the other side, the leaders died at the night Poof, well you know." Viola said, sitting down, thinking. "No it is, I mean he is obviously mad!" Danica said, thinking also. "I agree." Diana said, sitting down on the couch. "We have to be more careful." Tyler said. "Yea, bro is right." Gabriel said. "I third that." Katana whispered, still shocked on what happened. BlueBird, , William, Xavier, Zack, Alex, and Teresa went out to warn the others. Holt is with Wolfy, taking care of her. "That's it, we have to be more careful, plus it's obvious the head quarters and most of the other side is in Paris!"FireSoul said paseing back and forth in the room. "I'm going to warn everybody to stay away from Paris, that only the best fighters are allowed to go. Come on Bluebird, Katana, FireSoul, Danica, and Gabriel!" They nodded and fallowed Viola out the mansion. I looked back at the guys and girls, they were too busy thinking and astonished. "Their right, they are in Paris, I guess that crosses out the Atlantic and Australia." Jason said, still thinking. "But who is the son?" Kristen asked. We all didn't know.
  3. (Aaron's P.O.V) I sat on my bed listening to my IPOD, there was an attack last night, but the lame animals couldn't fight them off, well they were only 2. I need to find this girl soon, no matter who it is, I will kill her. I looked out my window, seeing Paris and the sun. I spaced out thinking about _____. I can trust her, and she will help me, but I must be cautious and take my time... KNOCK! KNOCK! I fell flat on the cold floor. KNOCK! I scrambled to my feet and opened the door. Blade stood there crossing his arms. Hopefully he didn't find out about me eating the last piece of cake. "Hey brother." I said plopping back down on my bed. (Note from PuffBall: ha-ha you didn't suspect he had a brother, well... even ___/you and the others didn't know. Oh well, a switch in the game :P) Then I felt a sharp pain on my head, he wacked me! "That is for eating the last piece of cake!" I smirked. "Did Aaron eat the last cake?" My other brother appeared, Hadrian. (Note from PuffBall, again: first of all check out his brother names, what they mean. *gives mischievous look*, I bet you also didn't know he had another brother, teehee! :D :P) "No," I said, with an innocent look on my eyes, hopefully I look like it. "He did actually." Blade and his big mouth! I felt another sharp pain on my head. "Bloody hell! Why so many whacks!" I wined, rubbing my head. "Hey Hadrian, I heard the girl of the prophecy is HOT, and smoking beautiful, I think we should go for fathers other way, to force marriage, ha-ha! Well, that was the plan till here Aaron changed it!" Blade suggested, playing with a knife. I sighed; I guess we have to get back to it. "Well ok, but do you really want to mess up our brother hood friendship, gosh, that's why we should kill her." I explained. "Now that's no fun!" Hadrian said playing with 2 knives. Then I wondered, I then asked, "Hey guys, what is the girl's name?" They stopped playing and looked at me, "Hm! I have no idea, I'll send a spy dove to maybe get some info on that, goodbye brothers, see you guys later." Hadrian said, walking out of the room. Blade looked at me and smirked, "When we all see each other again, I want you to explain to us the girl you were just thinking about." And then he left, oh my, I forgot about his mindreading connection.
  4. (Back to ____ P.O.V) I was sleeping in my bedroom when I got a text from Aaron, I moaned, I looked at what time it was, 1:34 AM! Oh, yea, different times. I looked at the text: ~Hey, sorry I didn't respond, one of my family members had died also. We need to talk, but at Saturday. Are you sure you're ok? ~ My eyes were about to fail me, so I decided I will respond to that later. I looked up at the ceiling, and then I went right back to sleep. (DREAM) I was next to this beach, the sun was setting making beautiful colors in the sky as usual, and I kept walking next to the water, the waves splashing on my feet. I then suddenly stopped, bumped into someone. I looked up to see a man, about in his 40s, tall, and wearing all black. "Um hi?" I said, not sure what to do or say. He looked at me and smiled, "It's been a long time and now I get to meet you!" I raised my eyebrow, "What do you mean?" I asked. He laughed, I need some explain to do, do I?" I didn't know what he was talking about, "Wha?" I was deeply confused. "Come, sit down, we must talk." He said, signaling to two beach chairs up ahead. When we got up to them, I sat down with him, "So, what do you have to say?" He sat down and sighed, he began, "Well, It's time to tell you my apologies, of all the destruction I have made to your planet and family." My eyes widened, "You mean, you're the leader of the other side?" I asked. He smirked, "Well yes I am, and I'm here to tell you my apologies for everything, now I have seen the horrible things I have done to everything and everyone." He looked at his hands, he was grim, and I know it. Then I spoke, "My mother said that there were 2 sides of the story, can you tell me. She said there is a full good reason why you have done this." He looked up in surprise, "She forgave me?" I remember her being calm, "By the looks of it yes." He sighed, "I'm sorry, I can't tell, one of my sons will tell you." Oh my god did I hear clearly, "Did you say one of my sons?" He gave me his weird face, "Yes, I have, why do you ask." I took a breath and asked, "How many sons do you have?" "Three." Whoa, ok, now that is a surprise. "What are their names?" He looked at the sun, "Blade, Hadrian, and Aaron." I froze, "Did you just say Aaron?" He looked back at me, confused, "Yes, is there something wrong?" Knowing there is more Aarons' in the world, I asked, "Is his favorite Ice cream shop called, "Your Fav Elado?" He eyes seemed surprised, "How did you know that?" I heisted, "I met him, and..." He laughed, "Its ok you don't need to tell, Aaron is the nicest one there, trust me my boys are good, is just I taught them terrible things, please tell them I'm sorry, and watch out for them. Please, just explain to them everything and make them stop. I have a bad feeling, but I need to tell you, you must unlock the memories. I have to go; the sun is almost down, nice to meet you." He took out his arm; I shook it, "Nice to meet you too." I smiled. But then I woke up.
  5. I went downstairs; I yawned and stretched while I plopped down on the sofa. "Good morning!" Jason said, sitting down next to me. "I second that!" Kristen said, while she and Diana sat on the other side of me. "Me too," Diana yawned. "Hey! What about mua?" Mark asked, sitting on a chair. We all looked at each other, "Well, today is fun Wednesday!" I said silence fallowed again. "So what do you guys want to do?" wondered Kristen. "Gahhhh! It's not a day for out in the field nor going somewhere else." Diana wined, putting her hands up. "Well," Jason said, "I'm going to hang out with Tyler, bye guys!" And Jason went. "That reminds me, I have to go and meet up with Bluebird and Danica, bye as well!" And there goes Diana. "Oh! Sorry guys I have to go also, I have to meet up with my bros Gabriel and Xavier." And there goes another one. "______?" I looked at Kristen, "What?" "I'm sorry but I have to meet up with FireSoul, I have to go, is that ok." I rolled my eyes, "It's ok, don't worry!" And that leaves me. Ok now this is odd, this reminds be I have to go and meet up with Viola and Katana, oops! Ha-ha, now this is creeping me out.
  6. I walked outside; the sun was blazing more than ever on my skin. I quickly walked up into the shades of the coconut trees. I looked back at the sea, it was so peaceful, but then I remember Aaron showing these text messages, oh gosh now that was funny: Blue Text- So, do you know what did the Ocean do to the other Ocean? White text- No? Blue text- Nothing, they just waved! And then it had more stuff, I don't remember but it was funnier. I then stopped and fallowed a trail inside this jungle; I then started to go deep in thought: Are there really three sons? How cruel the leader accidently made them? Is there really no bad side? What do the sons want? Is one of them really Aaron? Did he know I was the one? - And more and more questions that couldn't be answered right now formed. I then halted and walked up to a tree house, I climbed its latter and opened the door, and there was Viola and Katana, they were discussing something unknown to me, they were whispering to each other. I walked up to them, "Hey, what'cha talking about?" I asked sitting down next to them. They looked at me with their brilliant eyes, "We have some major news, and you're not going to like it." I looked at Katana, wondering what that might be, "What is it?" I played with my hair, I do that sometimes when I get nervous, "Well you know Pixy?" (Note from PuffBall: Haha! That's what you get for ending the series! >:( Yea that's right!) I looked at her not believing it, "You bean that BEEEP who blackmailed me, who captured me, locked me up in a cage, and treated me like he!! So she could get all that pathetic money she gets from the other side! Yea I remember her clearly! But she is long gone remember, I literally ripped her head off while you guys held her down!" I yelled, getting all worked up. Viola sighed, "______, calm down. It's ok, but she is still alive." My eyes widened, "UNBELIEVABLE!" I high whispered, that is so not true, "But how?" This time Katana spoke up, "Well, you know one of her top powerful servants, well, one of them gave up their life for hers, and she was her sister." Viola then said, "But she is more powerful than ever, but hey you have trained hard enough and became way more powerful also, but she is enraged on us, and she is desperately trying to get to you, _____?" I looked at them, "Yea?" "Do you like some cut up mango?" Katana asked, I smiled, "Sure, why not."
  7. Answering comments down bellow, Sorry guys I sadly have riders block, I guys it's because I didn't think that much when I went to sleep, I was wiped out from all the parties I needed to go. And I'm sorry it was short, if you have any suggestions that I can mix up also for surprise, sure to comment. :) I'm sorry again ;(
  8. Dannica: sorry I didn't add you that much in this quiz part, I will in the next :O :D But ya. Sundaisy: OH thank you so much !! :) Sorry I didn't add you yet to this series but you'll be coming up soon! :P _ViolaLover_: Oh yea but I luv drama, well not when it happens to me... oooooo drama let's get popcorn! YUM! :P Ha! ^_^ xxblutixx: hey can I ask you something, I just cannot decide for you be either in the other side or our side... hmmmm... oh well what side do you want? BY the way...XD Faith: oh! Nice colors! Ok.... Well,...... IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT! :P haha sorry I like typing random thing, IM FEELING SEXY AND FREE.... Hahah ok I should stop *blushes in shame*
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