{Fearless Part 3}

Me/you: you can look like you or whatever you like but this it what I imagine what I look like: Phoebe Tonkin- she just fits the character well for me, but not when she is in the secrets circle. Mark: He looks like you want him to but this is what he looks to mua: Zac Efron 2012 :P Darkish brown hair, gorgeous eyes, 3 packs, mustage beardy hair… Jason: ok you get to choose what he looks like, I haven’t come up what he looks like so your out of luck if you can’t imagine… I’ll try… s just so MANY PEOPLZ! Gahhhh

Kristen: the name is obvious, but she looks like what you like her to look like, and to me I imagine her as Kristen Stewart, … but I don’t know which hair style or hair color… thinking Diana: the names kinda obvious also, she looks like what you want her to look like but to me she looks like Diana from the Secret Circle tv show: the CW

Created by: PuffBall

  1. Hello, thank you for reading, this is Part 3, hopefully this is long enough and also please tell me in the comments what you want to happen your choice, and yes, Fuzbud is back……….hmmmm where was I? Oh! Oh yea ok let’s get on with this series. :P
  2. “SH#$! HOLY! BLOODY HE$%!” “Bang! CRASH!” We burst out laughing. “Now, there goes the prank.” I said between giggles. Hopefully nothing serious broke that could hurt anyone. Soon, they came running downstairs, “_______!” Jason and Mark yelled at me, looking at us to blame. Ooopsy daisy! “Sorry, but –“ I took a breath, I wuz nearly dieing of laughter, all of us did. But Diana finished, “That was Fluzbud, he is the king of pranking and the smallest and most devious monkey. He scared us as well while you guys slept through it. Jason gave us stares and Mark just shook his head, amazed and shamed.
  3. After everyone calmed down from this, I gathered them in a circle in my cozy living room. I brought a map of the world with 3 rose marks on it. “Ok, there is three possibilities where the HQ or the base is,” I pointed to France, “Here is where me and Poof will search, and Kristen and Jason will go here”, they looked up, and I pointed to Australia, “Will search The Great Sandy Desert, remember, there is life in deserts, it’s beautiful but dangerous,” I pointed to a circle and a mark right down on the Atlantic ocean, “ there is a great deal of energy coming from this area, 10 miles long and 5 miles wide, Diana and Jason, you guys will go. I looked at them and they stared back, “We leave in 2 hours, get ready. The equipment you need is in the storage room, I’ll get them, ok?” they nodded, “But we have the hardest ones, why do you get the easy one?!”, Kristen wind. I sighed. “Actually I’ve gotten the hardest one. Paris, France is big but kind of small, and extremely crowded. I have trained some more advanced things then you guys had, for example I have trained with a REAL spy from MI6. There is more dangers in Paris than you think. But if you guys find the head quarters in your place, quickly come back here, ‘cause that is the most dangerous. By the way, you guys will come here at exactly 5:00 pm, or early. If you guys don’t come back, even one minute later or one second, I will go looking for ya and also your scent is more powerful for some reason after 5:00, so if you stay you take more dangers. Got that?” They looked at me, wide eyed, bobbling their heads, yes. And we went our separate ways.
  4. (TIME SKIP :P) Poof and I were in line for ice-cream….ahh MANGO ICECREAM COME TO MUA!  Ok technically Poof is in a Y, waiting for me. I moved forward and asked the woman for a mango ice-cream with a please on top. :P When she handed me my ice-cream (YUMMY!), and sat down , Poof gotten on the table I was eating and told me he was coming back, to like ya know, talk to more animals and asking them. 2 minutes after he left i was half way done with my ice-cream when a unexpected happened- “May I sit here?” a soft male voice asked. I looked up to see the most beautiful eyes I ever seen in my whole life. “Um, sure.” I stammered, and started eating my yummy ice-cream again. “Thanks,” he sat down in front of me, and started eating his strawberry ice-cream. And somehow, I had this weird feeling in my tummy, wait, oh no…… “So what’s your name?” “_______, yours?” I replied finishing my ice-cream. “Beautiful name, my names Aaron.” “Nice” There was awkward silence after that. I didn’t want that but he broke it, “First time here?” “Yea.” “You want to go to a park up ahead?” “Sure.” And we went.
  5. (TIME SKIP….again! Sorry but I don’t like Mushy parts! You: UGH!) I looked at my manifested digital watch and, sadly, it was 4:55. (PM!) “Um Aaron, I’m sorry but I have to go.” I looked into his eyes, catching me again, “Oh ok….” He was obviously sad, but I thought of an idea. “Ok, promise to meet me ummm.” I looked around and found a tree, took his warm angel hands and dragged him there. “To meet each other here every Saturday at 11:00 AM, promise?” I took out my pinky finger offering it to him. He smiled with and took out his pinky and shook it with mine. “Oh! And always txt and call?” I manifested a pink Sharpe in my back pocket and took it out. I motioned to his arm. He stretched it out and I wrote on it. (Please pretend enchanted by Taylor swift was playing in the background :P)
  6. I was back in the mansion at 4: 58 and 43 seconds with Poof by my side. “OOOOOOO! YOUR IN LOVE!!!” Poof teased me as we went in the living room. “Please! What about Mariana? Did you make a move yet. And don’t act innocently I know this morning was a date w/ that bird. And she is the nicest bird ever to live, please tell me you made a move!” I teased him. I knew if he could blush, his whole body would be blushing! “He looked at me and squealed. “Ok ok! I did made a move and were together now by the way!” ok now I was excited, I was jumping up and down now. Then I heard another voice pip in. “Now who is the lucky boy?” I looked at the entrance , and there was Kristen and Diana in their PJ’s looking at me with questioning. O oh…. :O I grinned and if I could blush, I would be bright red , “His name is Aaron…” Then I went into a dreamed state, sighing dreamly. “Oh my you got it good for him…” Kristen said getting closer. “Then you should have seen them both together. I mean, it was really love at first sight.” Poof joined in saying that. They got closer and Diana finally said, “Tell us EVERYTHING.” And I did.
  7. ~Dream~ I was in the same field and I was left where I was last time. I looked at the flower, it was beautiful, I slowly touched it and then something shocking happened. I was somewhere else, I was in a valley, but I don’t know where. “Hello?” I looked around. “Hello!” And only silence responded. I was about to speak again when I heard a whisper, a familiar voice. It felt like ages when the unbelievable happened. A women appeared in front of me, she looked VERY familiar (Hint hint), “______ ______” she said with the most soft voice imaginable. “Who are you.” Oh come on I hesitated! “I am…..CLIFFHANGER! JK.. I will never do that to you guys: “I am Elizabeth _____” oh it can’t be. “And I am your mother.” Oh my…… “Mom?” “Yes honey I’m here for a reason and you know that.” I already knew that.. but… “What’s wrong?” My mom looked at me with her warm emerald eyes, well now we all know I got my brown eyes from dad. “I just wanted to tell you that the other side is not entirely evil, there is a reason why they have done what they have done.” Now I am completely confused. “_____, I have planted my memories into yours, and you have to unlock them also with your own.” “But-“ Just be strong ______.” I nodded my head in understanding. “I must go and leave you on your journey, I love you.” Oh DON’T LEAVE, I wanted to scream. “Come on.” She said opening her arms. I hugged her, we hugged each other tightly, I could feel her fading. “I love you too mommy.” And before i woke up, “Dad says he loves you too.” And I woke up.
  8. I moaned, I slowly got up and went into the bathroom, took a warm refreshing shower, did my hair, and changed into a bikini and covered it with a beach dress, I mean we are living like almost right next to the beach! I quietly tip- e -toed into the girls room with magazines. I took a breath and.. “WAKE UP~!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled. Diana sat up on her bed and looked at me, annoyed, but unluckily Kristen was right at the edge of her bed so she plopped on the floor and moaned painfully. Well, it wasn’t my fault! “_______!” They yelled. Well! I showed them the magazines, “Ready to manifest some bikinis?” I asked. “OH MY GOODNESS! A DREAM COME TRUE!”Diana said, picking a magazine. “Well Kristen,” I asked. Motioning her the magazines. “You wanna help us,” I made my two hands have my middle fingers and pointer finger go up and down, “-shop?” She grinned, “As long as we do the boy’s also.” Now we all had mischievous grins on our faces.
  9. After a long discussion between bikinis, I finally manifested their bikinis. After a long wait for them, they came out of the bathroom with, also, a dress covering their bikinis. I held the boys swimming shorts out to them, they took it, and we all laughed. They quickly went into the boys room while I went to get the following animals to come with us, it is going to be a big beach party, well the following animals that I luv because they are completely almost like me and understands :D: Fuzbud ( as long as he doesn’t do any mayor damage :P), Poof, Mariana, Rose, Rose’s sister and brother, Oceana, Joanna, Joanna’s sister, Hope, Caleb, Justin, Zoe, Martha, Mary, Victoria, Hanna, Miles, Jackson, Selena, Melisa, Austin, Alison, Alison’s sister, Julia, Olivia, Viola, Packer, Fire soul, FirePrincess, Dannica, Angelic, Angel, Ariana, VampChick, Katanna, Gabriel, AZ, AJ, Blutix, Fairygaly, Fairy, Fiona, Siging, WolfyG, Reckless, Romeo, Ice, Horseluvy, Sundaisy, Teresa, Bluebird, Samantha, Swaggy, Dragon, Random, Fluffy, Mi, Hootie, Happy, MistyHeart, Wonder, Scumbaggy, Kissy, Poopy, Sea, CheesePuffy, Daisy, Briana, Davina, Miniski, …… and so on. (They are all animals by the way:D and also based on gotoquiz people  :P) After inviting everyone (who will tell the other animals in the island), to the party, I met up with the girls and Poof and started for the beach, with Hawaiian theme decorations. (♫♪♫ HAWAII PARTY ROCK IN THE HOUSE,…… ♫♪♫) #note from puffball: woa I cannot believe I remember that many names O_o. hopfully you read all the names :P please its important, u could be there, or maybe it ;cause my hands are about to pass out and just wrote the …… :O  :Dok back to story……#
  10. ~Time forward!~ It was 5:23 PM, and the party like fire. And I think the boom box is exploding my ears, even though it’s nice music or pop, but seriously, gosh. I started for the cooler for some water, I was picking up the hood of it when I realized the clear thread too it. But it was too late, a big cherry pie was dumped at my dress, and Fuzbud was laughing like crazy on the sand behind me. “UGH!” I turned around with red, blue, purple, green, and white flaks of colors in my eyes, how did I know, well everyone was staring and Fuzbud stopped laughing. “Uh oh……” he started to say. “FUZBUD!!!!” I yelled with multiple voices. Fuzbud started running, and I ran after him with laughing people getting out of my way. Oh, that, that……Fuzbud is one lucky animal, being the tiniest! UGH! I finally caught up to him and grabbed him, he fits in my whole hand perfectly, I stomped to a blueberry pie, and smothered him with it. And therefore, I started laughing with everyone else. Fuzbud finally looked at everybody and laughed with us also.
  11. I walked toward the girls, and when I finally got up to them I said, “I think we have to do the plan a little early.” I showed them my dress, and they looked at me, and giggled. The boys were already in their swimming suits so it was fine. I took off my dress, showing off my perfect body, but the girls also have perfect hotness. ;) the boys will go heels over them. I grabbed their hands and went toward the boys. When we finally with them, they had their backs to us. Diana grabbed Mark and Kristen grabbed Jason, and they dragged them to the ocean. They pushed them, and the boys went SPLAT into the water. They took off their dress and said, “LETS GO SWIMMING!” As soon as they went to surface and saw them, their eyes were nearly to pop out. Well, I couldn’t help it but I burst out laughing. “I think were in heaven Jason.” Mark said, and Jason just nodded his head, they both were dumbfounded. I laughed some more. XD x 10000000 :P
  12. I was talking to Viola when I just needed to ask, “Umm Viola?” “Yea.” She said looking at me with her baby red fox eyes. “Wel ya know the movie we both saw, that old movie called Super man?” “Yea” “Well, you know the first two guys who were trying to guess who superman wuz, why the messed up thing were they excited?” We busted out laughing, and when we were done laughing like we were insane, she asked me, “Guess who is the new power couple?!” “Mariana and Poof?!” “No!, wait a second, they are a couple?” I looked at her weirdly, “Um yea you should know right.” “Omg omg omg! They must have kept it to themselves!” “Ok ok now who is the new power couple?! Gosh tell me!” “Ok, now you won’t believe this but it is: KATANA AND GABRIEL!” “Omg OMg OH MY GOODNESS! How did I NOT hear this !? You mean Katana the sister of the hawt Tyler!?” “Ya!” “Oh my god! Where is Katana I am soo going to jack slap her for not telling me!” “You are?!” “No sill that was a metaphor im going to shame on her for not telling me first! Gosh!” I looked around for her. “Well don’t now, maybe she is with Gabriel on a date, ok?” I sighed. “Ok!” I looked around again, and spotted Poof. “POOF!” I called him over the music. Poof flew over here, “Hey hey hey hottie.” “Hahaha, very funny, now tell me did you really not tell ANYBODY about you and Mariana?!” he looked at me in shame. “Yea….” And then Viola asked, “Well, why didn’t you tell anybody! You two might be the 2nd best power couple!” “Well, it wasn’t any of your business, gosh, except for ______’s” “His got a point.” “Well, ok, ok.” “What time is it?” Poof asked me. I manifested a blue clock I saw in the magazines, “6:45” Then he looked around and asked, “Can you teleport me to Paris with me and Mariana?” I looked around and spotted my other BEST guy friend- uh um bird, “Only if you go with William also, just to keep an eye out of the other side, ok?” He nodded his bird neck, then I squeezed my hand and pop goes the weasel.. jk, ok pop there is a necklace of magic, “Here put this on William so you guys could teleport, it only works 2 times, kk lover bird?” “Sure thanks” He grabbed it with his beak,”AND TELL YOUR GIRLFRIEND I SAID HI!” I yelled over the music, but he was gone.
  13. It was 9:44 PM and almost everyone went home, only the girls, the boys, Viola, Fluffy, Katana, Tyler, Gabriel, Fireysoul, Alison, Reckless, Victoria, Danica, Poopy, kissy, Ice, Rockstar, FirePrincess, Sundaisy, Daisy, Packers, some others, and I stayed to help clean up, I mean, it was a big party. We were half way done when I started to worry about Poof, he was gone for a long time. I took a break with Katana and Viola to watch the sky. It was beautiful, it’s like someone had gathered little twinkling glitters and spread them out on the sky. I heard screaming, but it must have been Poopy pooing by accident. “Omg! _____!” ok now I got annoyed, “What?” I said not taking my eyes off from the beautiful sky. “It’s Poof!” I gotten up and went to the commotion while mumbling. “What is i-Oh my goodness. Oh god this cannot be happening. Fu#$@!” I ran to where William was… Poof and Mariana….were…were, they weren’t moving, they laid there on the ground, not moving, and blood, oh my god help me, blood was all over their bodies. I put my head against Poof’s chest, nothing. “Da#@! oh god Poof come back!” I knew it was too late, he was dead. No! he will not be dead. I can’t afford to accept that. “No” I whispered. “No!” I said louder. “NO!!!!” I screamed. Tears ran down my face rapidly, and everything went into a blur. I was about to strangle dead Poof when Kristen held me back… And my body couldn’t take it, I cried myself to, unconsciousness. “no” I whispered. But I knew.
  14. CLIFFHANGERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! HAHA please comment or rate... tell me what you want to happen don't worry
  15. oh and what the characters look like it in the top

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