{Fearless Part 1}

Created by: PuffBall

  1. Intro: I put her into the transporter and arranged her to earth. BANG! I pressed the button. 5 seconds. CRACK! There she went. The door opened. I felt tears reaching the stone floor. As I felt the metal go through my flesh, and as I went deeper into the darkness, I said only 2 words. "Too late"
  2. The black abyss took over.
  3. -me- I woke up. I knew today was the day, but... one thing was on my mind: FOOD! I jumped out of my cozy warm bed and raced downstairs. Poof (the cutest Hawaiian bird I EVER met, and my best friend) was already eating his breakfast. I walked into the kitchen and got my milk and cereal. "Good morning!" I said as I happily ate my breakfast. "Good morning to you too sleepy head!" Poof squawked. "Well...Did you organize the boy's room; do I have to manifest anything more? You are the boy expert ya know...even though you're a bird! Ha!" I laughed. Poof gave me his eye...dramatic much? After breakfast I went outside with the sun greeting me with warming my skin up. I slowly walked next to the freely open, blue ocean, with waves cooling me up. Poof, and I (and the rest of the animals in the world) know today is the day. I am the girl of the prophecy and I'm supposed to save the world from the people who killed my parents. Soon, later today the others will figure out where I am, I already gave them permission to see and come here even though they don't know I did so. I am the most powerful human in the whole universe, other than the son of the horrible person who killed my parents. I wonder what my parents were like, I haven't unlocked my memories yet, but I imagine that my dad and mother were happy together...
  4. When I went out of the deep thoughts, I realized I have walked almost half the island, and I teleported back into my mansion of animals. A breeze made my brown hair flip around me when I greeted some of the leopards that lived there. I know, how do leopards live in an invisible island to mortals next to Hawaii? Yea, I guess it's because this place is magical. I manifested a watch and looked at the time; 11:43 AM. By, well almost sunset they will be here, the animals will guide them. I should be excited that I will get to see another person that has powers like me (beside the fact I have all of them not just 3), another person who I could actually talk- talk to (other than animals), a person that actually survived the destruction and saw while we went to earth, our plant die, our planet explode. But, it also feels weird. I just can't explain it but, I have no idea what they might be. They might be the kind ones that are in my popular group. Or the people who other people think they are losers but cheery. Or mean bullies that are part of my group. I wonder if I ever met them. I plopped into a couch in the living room and slowly went into deep sleep.
  5. -DREAM- I was in the middle of a field full of different flowers. I started walking up this hill that was to my right. The sun beamed on me, making me thirsty. When I found myself at the top of the hill I searched with my eyes to see where was I. But it was still flowers. Then I started walking toward this flower, I don't know why but I felt like I needed to go to it. When I finally found it, I woke up. But when I woke up I fell to the floor because silly Poof had started yelling. "POOF!" I got up and rubbed my head. "What was that for!" I walked to the entrance to see Poof standing there with his two legs. I yawned and just looked at him for an explanation. Then he said, "sorry sleepy but the someone knocked. A pang of excitement went through me. But then I knew I could not get my hopes up, maybe it was just Hope, the silly bear who keeps getting lost. I opened the door and started blabbing my mouth about directions, till I heard an um. I knew it was not and um from an animal. I lifted my droopy eyes. They were standing there, awkwardly. "Hi?" a boy said. He looked like my age, well, they all are my age. He had dark brown hair and a smile to his face. He was muscular, and hot. And for the first time in my life I thought that. Another guy stood next to him. And he was hot also. Pure beauty. I think I'm going to faint. Then I looked to his right, a girl.- finally! She had dark dark brown hair and green eyes. She was beautiful, hopefully inside and out also. I looked to the girl to the right. I knew her; she went to my school and graduated with me before yesterday. She has dark brown hair also and brown eyes. "_____?" She asked, surprise? "Ummmm?" I asked, looking at them, thinking about what I should say. "Come on in." I finally said.
  6. They walked in and followed me into the living room. To them this mansion is a mansion that has all different animals walking around them and they might be scared, I hope not. These animals are my family, and plants but they just whisper to me or gossip. They sat down on the couches. "Hi?" I asked. And cliffhanger! Sorry I have writers block and I just started this, and ending this ...............yea I just felt bored today but im not starting a series.........im lazy like that but whatever...:D
  7. you can copy this if you want
  8. how are u peoplz?
  9. lalalallalalallalalalA
  10. .......ok now i am bored
  11. bye

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