end days survival quiz

many know that something big is coming. i don't know if its the end f civilization or not. but many things can happen and many thing must be overcome by the survivors of such an event. not the least of which is the human depravity that cloaks the world

this is a medium sized quiz of pretty easy questions to see if you really think you have a handle whats going to happen and if you think you know best for your and otherssurvival

Created by: brian
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  1. well laying on your bed early one morning. the whole room starts shaking
  2. you watch in horror as the city starts tumbling over. it happened, it finally happened the world has collapsed..blah..blah..blah whats your next move
  3. you must leave the ruined city but you need supplies. around the local wreckage you find, a shovel, a kitchen knife, a backback, a waterbottle,a slinkie,a flashlight, some clothes, and a awesome microwave burrito you take:
  4. leaving the city you happen upon a group of survivors (mostly children and women) heading north on a main road you
  5. you group is attacked by marauder despite your best efforts. you managed to protect the children but many others died and a couple of your people were taken seeing you awesome fighting skills the remaining groups turns to you to get them back your offered weapons for this which one do you choose?
  6. you manage your way into the camp but find yourself in a moral test there are eighth of your group captured but you can only save two due the limited amount of time available to you who do you choose
  7. it has been a three months on the road for your group through the actions with the raiders you are now in charge people are looking for you to find them a place to settle you have mapped serveral locations but which ones best?
  8. two year later and your people have flourished the younger adults have paired off a new generation has been born under your tutelage. your protective army has also increases as some of the young ones now are old enough to fight but all is not well a large band of raiders want your land and the leader wants a meeting with you personally
  9. the leader has demand a trade of 70% of your stockpiled food for his men or he will attack. you have a hard choice in front of you if you don't agree and he follows through you will beat him no doubt but at the cost of many of your group
  10. your food is low what do you do
  11. your community is growing and you can decide the fate of its advancement

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