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  • "He likes you" yay ^^

    ShootingStar1000 Sep 11 '10, 11:12AM
  • Hee hee he likes me whoot whoot!!!!! :) =) ;) =D :D ;D EEEp. Well he does make eye contact with me in the halls and cafateria. and he tease me so yah. and much more 2

    KK123 Nov 8 '09, 10:08PM
  • just cute!? I'm really he like me , he always gets close to me and stares at me nonstop diretly in the eye . If anyone else knows anything what this means please tell me.

    Xy624 Mar 20 '09, 1:32AM
  • just cute... i'll change that!

    Too me Feb 1 '09, 1:51PM
  • haha! he likes me!! whohoo! ;)

    cMb Jan 23 '09, 5:55PM
  • he thinks I'm cute...lol thats kinda true.

    TheAwesomeness Jan 14 '09, 9:16PM
  • he likes me!!! but he says he like some1 else. still confusing. check out my quiz is there a chance i'd date you (guys only)

    qwertyuioppo Jan 3 '09, 10:56PM
  • cute? weird

    qweasdfzxcvb Jan 2 '09, 10:37PM
  • I'm just cute for him... Well, I'll make thing so he can like me! mwahahahha! Oh! and please take my quiz! are you a school person or a mall person? thanks and best regards!

    amperatrix Dec 31 '08, 3:29AM
  • he thinks i'm cute. i don't even have a crush, i did this about my friend, though :P. so, i guess it's accurate because he's gay and he'd never see me more than a friend xD

    misskiss Dec 26 '08, 5:50AM
  • Yessssssss! He likes me! Its a dream come true...

    Blah089 Dec 25 '08, 10:18PM

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