"Call me Kat, Kitty Kat"

If you were to guess about me, you'd likely fail. I'm not so easily understood. Although one person did hit the nail on the head once at a bar - kinda blew me away! At any rate - if you think you know me, this is your chance to prove it. Take the quiz. Find out.

If I were a car, I'd so be a Honda. But you know, that's not all there is to me. I have 11 other questions on here that you can answer and find out if you know anything more about me. Go on, try it.

Created by: Kat
  1. It was the summer of 06. I was at one of the many concerts of the season but my seats this time were prime. When the performer came to the edge of the stage he threw something into the crowd. I caught it. What was it?
  2. Okay so you may have noticed I didn't mention what performer that last question was talking about... so now you tell me... who threw the water bottle?
  3. On Friday afternoon's I frequently go to a certain bar with my friends. What bar?
  4. In 2008 we're facing a monumental election. What ticket will I be voting on?
  5. What soap opera do I watch daily?
  6. What past President have I met and adore?
  7. What is my favorite color?
  8. I currently hold a certain title... what is it?
  9. When I was in High School I was days away from a volleyball cholarship offer. What school was that from?
  10. It's 6 pm. I'm at a bar. What do I typically order?
  11. Physically, what part of a man's body do I love?

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