What is a true friend, well they are someone you can call on when times are good and times are bad and they will be there with you to enjoy the ride call life, and no matter what happens they are always there.

Are you a true friend, are you a ride or die chick when it comes to your friends,or do you call your friends when its something you need and then when they call you,you dont even pick up the phone.Well lets see. And answer honestly

Created by: TAMIRA

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  1. If your friend says she is getting married and you hate the guy but she wants you to be her maid of you
  2. your girlfriend finds out her boyfriend is having a kid with his ex, you tell her to
  3. your friend has gained a few pounds and she is trying on a tube top dress,you tell her
  4. your girlfriend is getting into a fight at a bar, and you just brought the dress you are wearing and have a fresh mani and pedi do
  5. you girlfriend is in labor her boyfriend cant be there she asks you to be there in the delivery room,do you
  6. your friend is having a party one of the guest you just can't stand,but your friend really wants you there,do you
  7. your friend bears a close resemblence to biz markie, but she thinks she looks like halle berry,you tell her
  8. your girlfriends boyfriend breaks up with her on valentine's day and she ask if you can have a girls night,but your boyfriend has a romantic night planned, do you
  9. your girlfriend gets put out,she asks to stay with you,but you live with your boyfriend in a 1 bedroom apt, you tell her
  10. you are a thriller movie type person,but your girlfriend wants to go see a date movie, you tell her

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Quiz topic: Am I A GOOD FRIEND