Ashes part 1 XD

READ: okay, your name is Ash, ppls call you Ashes. you are in high school. your description: tall, long(to waist) darkish lightish brown hair, hazely green eyes, you can be kind, sweet, sarcastic, rood, well mannered, or mean.

READ: okay, so first quiz under this user name, the other one was Shelly, but you know what i like this one better. sorry to all that read the beginning of the end and noticed i never made another part, this is making up for that.

Created by: rock chick xP
  1. okay, new quiz, be truthfull, if it sucks, say something, okay?
  2. I sigh as I look at Danny Henderiks (crow black hair that brushes into his emerald green eyes), Sean Olvar (flippy sandy brown hair, crystal blue eyes), and lets not forget the oh so smexy Blake James (dark brown hair stopping just above his lovely hazel eyes). I have been in love with all three of them since 7th grade.
  3. well as I day dream about things that will NEVER happen, someone tappes my shoulder. joy. i look up and, it was Danny! and you know what i say? nothing. i sooo suck. :(
  4. "Can i sit next to you?" he asks nervously. i look into his perfect emerald green eyes. i the emotions that were there surprised me. nervousness, pain, wanting, fear. i made me want to stand with him, brush that crow black hair of his out of his eyes, and kiss him, make him feel better, you know? As you can see i am quite impulsive. instead of going on that impulse, i siad, "go ahead."
  5. Danny smiled shyly, and sat. the muscle in his shoulders rippled. the next four days were about the same, i sat with the boys at lunch, Blake and Sean would make corny jokes while Danny held my hand under the table. i got to know them better with each new day. their fave foods [Blake= pizza, Sean= pasta, Danny= salad], fave colors [Blake= warm brown, Sean= light gray, Danny= black], and their fave animals [Blake= grizzly bear, Sean= arctic wolf, Danny= jaguar]. every night they all would text me goodnight, and i them, all day Danny would write me poetry, Sean would give me flowers, and Blake would do anything to see me smile. it was nice, until Saterday night at 12:00.
  6. Danny sent me a text " Ashes, meet at high school parking lot" i answered with, "kk" slipped into a pare of jean shorts and a tank top, then i slipped into my 1999 Chevy pickup and headed out. * * * i pulled into the parking lot and waited. and waited. and waited. i got bored, so i headed out, i walked on the sidewalk for a while, and the just as i was starting to get worried, i saw them. "Are you guys okay?!?!?!?" i ask as i run to them. i give them all a giant hug all at once. i held tight and nuzzled their chests. "i as getting worried." i let go and look into their eyes. they look nervous. "Ashes, promise not to freak out, we have to show you something."
  7. [this will not count] who do you like?
  8. "Yeah, don't freak out Ashes, your to beautiful for that." says Blake, you smile at the comment. suddenly the three boys turn to... animals. Danny turns into a midnight jaguar, Blake to a grizzly bear, Sean turns to a arctic wolf. instead of acting as any normal person, screaming and or running away, i stand, amazed. they are well, amazing.
  9. i walk away the sidewalk and walk to the grass, then i sit. i look over to the three super-hot-boys-that-turn-to-animals, they look confused, so i motion for them to come over. they come over. "so, ahhhh... what exactly are you guys? 'cause obviously your not human." i ask, turning away. "well," starts Sean's human voice, i look and they are human again. "we are kinda shape shifters.and we don't bite." he finishes. "you might not but i might." Danny and Blake say at the same time. "you know what, i think you guys are absolutely cute." i say. "Ashes," Danny says my nickname in his cute little shy, but manly, voice. "we kinda think your the lost princess-" "are you crazy???????" i say.
  10. "well you see, the queen and king died last summer, leaving their three triplet suns, me, Blake, and Sean, in charge. we were kinda courting you in without you knowing. we had to see if you had the characteristics of a queen, right when we'd decided to let you choose who you wanted to marry, the prince of the vamps, Mark, stepped in." as he says there are vamps, witches, and shifters. and we all hate each other, so we all constantly try to spite each other. the vamps take that to far. so we are here to take you to the palace."
  11. comment & rate, please?!?!?!??!??

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