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Do this quiz to see if you are smart or not. Go through the answers carefully and pick the right one! Are you dumb or smart? LETS SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Ready? Ok good to know! Don’t worry if it sounds a bit r00d! I don’t really mean to harm your feelings at all. I’m just being honest with you. Please don’t ever get angry!

Created by: Sophie Pugster

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  1. What colour is the Rubber Red Ball?
  2. Christy is 38 years old. She has a husband and two children. Her birthday is tomorrow. The current date is 28th of February! What day is her birthday?
  3. Wendy had 40 ducks. She had a brother called “Jay”, sister called “Sophia”, mother called “Mrs Quack” and father called “Mr Quack”! They went to visit the ducks everyday because Wendy owned her own farm of ducks! How many ducks did Wendy have?
  4. Mr Willton and Mrs Willton were married. They lived in an apartment on the top floor. Mr Willton had work on a Friday for the whole day, but Mrs Willton only worked on the weekend. One day, Mrs Willton was found in the back garden of an apartment bleeding out. Mr Willton called the police Intermediately! In the back garden was a lot of blood from Mrs Willton, an open window on the top floor and shoes at the windowsill of the opened window. This all happened on a Friday night. The police immediately arrested Mr Willton. Why?
  5. What shape is the Rubber Red Ball?
  6. What is 1x4?
  7. What is 2x2-2?
  8. What is the forth number in the number line?|————————|1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  9. What is 3x2-2?
  10. What is one of my Favourite numbers?
  11. Those question 6,7,8,9 and 10’s answers four?
  12. What hand do you HAVE to use to eat soup?
  13. What is the Rubber Red Ball made out of?
  14. What is 37382-7287292901+829290201010101023837830137x0?
  15. What question is this?
  16. Five more questions to go! Are you enjoying this?
  17. For how many hours is an average time of sleep?
  18. Yulu had 34 candies. Each candy was £1.00. Yulu also bought 10 chocolate bars which was £1.30 each! How much is it all together? Once you got the answer, times it by 0. What’s the answer after it was timed?
  19. Press the green button.
  20. Wait for 30 seconds.

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