How Well Do You Know Sky

Hey guys this quiz is just to see how well you know me... have you met my family? Do you know my favorite animal? What kind of shoes do I like? If you don't know the answers you'll get to know them over time... or maybe rather quickly!

How smart are you? haaa haa just kidding! But don't worry this test actually gives you the answers if you miss the questions. So take it and maybe you'll get to know me a little better too!

Created by: Sky
  1. What is Sky's Favorite Animal?
  2. What is the College that Sky currently attends?
  3. What is Sky's favorite car?
  4. What High School did Sky Attend?
  5. What is Sky's main area of study?
  6. What is the name of Sky's youngest brother?
  7. Who are Sky's current roommates?
  8. Which of Sky's roommates said this quote "Taco Bell is a place of sin and promiscuity!"
  9. What animal is on Sky's Native American Shawl?
  10. What is Sky's favorite shape?
  11. What was the first club Sky joined at Cascade College?
  12. Where does Sky currently live
  13. Which of the following activities in on Sky's TO-DO list?
  14. I have 2 fish... what are their names?
  15. I once had a dog. What happened to him?
  16. What drink to I always get at the Cabin (College coffee shop)?
  17. Which stuffed animal is named Marcus Jeremiah?
  18. What is my current favorite book?
  19. What is the name of Sky's black Cat?
  20. What is "The Society"?
  21. Where was the first Mission Trip that Sky went on?
  22. What language is Sky currently trying to learn?
  23. What item does Sky buy every time she is at a pow wow?
  24. In the year 2013 what group is supposed to have a reunion?
  25. LAST QUESTION: What is Sky's first name?

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