Which one of my made up characters are you?

Fun questions: 1) Am I a tomboy? 2) Is my fave color green? 3) What is my favorite animal? 4) Who is my best friend? 5) What time is it now? 6) Am I nice?

Answers: 1) yes. 2) no. 3) a cheetah.. 4) Jada. 5) 7:52. 6) yes. So those are the answers for the questions above. Now go and take the quiz. Now. Right now.

Created by: Jenniferdu
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Chapter one: yes or no? 1) Are you girly?
  2. 2) are you mean/nice?
  3. 3) Do you ever look in the mirror and do pretty poses?
  4. Chapter two: pick! 1) Pick your favorite!
  5. 2) pick a word that appeals to ou the most.
  6. 3) pick a random one.
  7. Chapter three: True or false? 1) you like doing poses.
  8. 2) you are a tomboy.
  9. 3) you dont cheat.
  10. 4) You are kind.

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Quiz topic: Which one of my made up characters am I?