My Favorite Teams

There are many elite people in the world that are considered talented and you my friend are that gifted person. My quiz is unlike most and for you to achieve such a moment. Congratulations.

Are you dumb, average or smart. Do you possess the qualities to be called a genius in a very high favor.Take this quiz and find out your true destiny.

Created by: Raschaud of myspace
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  1. What is my favorite basketball team?
  2. What is my favorite football team?
  3. What is my favorite hockey team?
  4. What is my favorite soccer team?
  5. Who is my favorite golf player of all times?
  6. What is my favorite women basketball team?
  7. What is my favorite baseball team?
  8. Who my favorite basketball player of all times?
  9. Who is my favorite football player of all times?
  10. Who is my favorite race car driver of all time?

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