(Another)Which Warrior Cat Are You?

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Hi! I've been really bored over the past few days so that's why I'm making all these quizzes. Just FYI, I put Skybreeze in here again because I can' really just have 2 results. Yeah so I made another one of these because people seemed to like the last one, so here I am.

Again, these are all based off real people 2 of them are the same people in my other quiz and one I just added sssoooooo, ye. :)kkk see you guys later I guess! Matane!Oh and also again, she-cats only sos.

Created by: Silverflame

  1. Okay,Which pelt do you prefer? I know I used this previously but it's very helpful:
  2. Your favourite colour out of these:
  3. You know the drill.Which house are you in?
  4. Would you rather?
  5. So, flannels...
  6. Are you aggressive?
  7. Do you have an unhealthy addiction to any of the following?
  8. The beach, do you like it?
  9. Pick one
  10. See you later!

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Quiz topic: (Another)Which Warrior Cat am I?