Which Warrior Cat Are You?

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These are warriors I made up and are also all she-cats(sorry guys) they're actually based of some people I know. Skybreeze if you're on here you'll know who it is saying this heh heh heeeh.

I just made this 'cause I'm bored. heh. dfhlihgsjdufshlgjhgafdjlfjkghkldghjrghkgjhrtiuyhoiujhhgj,hgfhjkljh,kjxdhjksdhjshsjggggggggggghujhytuioerphjweoiktjpgk;flwet.

Created by: Silverflame

  1. Which pelt colour do you prefer?
  2. Wich hogwarts house are you in or think you're in? don't just say griffindor because Harry, Hermione and Ron are in that house. - _ -
  3. Are you...
  4. How many friends do you have?
  5. Would you genrally like to become a leader?
  6. Are you obsessed with Warrior Cats?
  7. Would you ever change clans?
  8. Which type of shoes do you prefer?
  9. Do you like birthdays?
  10. How'd you like this quiz? (no effect)

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Cat am I?