Sorting Hat Quiz ACTUAL

many sorting hat quizzes are which house do you want to be in etc, but his is different. So go on, see which house you are really in. Are you scared? don't worry, its one of the questions.

Are you a ravenclaw? perhaps a slytheryn? maybe gryffindor? or hufflepuff might be good. Take this quiz and find out. This is real so take it!now or never.

Created by: M&M of Sortinghat
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  1. do you consider yourself brave?
  2. Do you enjoy school
  3. if voldemort suddenly turned up in a dark hallway, you would
  4. whats your favourite number?
  5. let fate choose
  6. which house can you not bear to be in?
  7. you are on the train to hogwarts do you
  8. do you consider yourself smart?
  9. some students are considering going up to the third floor corridor, what do you do?
  10. there are extra classes on at recess and lunchtime. what do you do?
  11. you are called up to the sorting hat. how are you feeling?
  12. quidditch trials are on.
  13. voldemort is at hogwarts, and says you either join him or die. what do you do?
  14. right or left?
  15. there is a split path which way do you go?
  16. black or white?
  17. night or day?
  18. finally, do you believe in magic? tell the truth, this is one of the most effective questions.

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