do you know the sorting hats first song?

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heeeelllo! im sure you are all familiar with the sorting hat and his..sorting..but do you pay attention to the songs he sings? there might be something important in them..then again, they could just be silly

basically every time you see _________ you pick the option that goes in the space and if there are multiple __________s in a questions the answer is the same for both, really simple, got it?

Created by: live laugh quiz

  1. oh, you may think im not pretty ____________________
  2. ill eat my self if you can find _______________
  3. you can keep your ___________
  4. your top hats _____________
  5. for im the hogwarts sorting hat ______________________
  6. theres nothing hidden in your head ____________
  7. so try me on and ill tell you __________________
  8. you might belong in _________ where dwell the brave of hearts their daring nerve and chivalry set _______s apart
  9. you might belong in ___________ where they are just and loyal those paitant _________s are true and unafraid of toil
  10. or yet in wise old ________ if you've a ready mind where those of wit and learning will always find their kind
  11. or perhaps in ________ you'll find your real friends those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends
  12. so put me on dont be afraid _______________
  13. your in safe hands ________________ for im a thinking cap

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Quiz topic: Do I know the sorting hats first song?