sorting hat and characters (girls only)

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Hope you will enjoy a great lot of fun and funniness in this quiz so have so much fun. Sing a song like this Im having so much fun today in this quiz ill do it foooorrreeevvveerr

Do you think your brave sexy cunning smart or helpful well take this quiz to see! You will have a laugh at some questions or answers i bet you £10 not really only kiding.

Created by: Callie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What house would you like to be in?Sorting hat takes your thoughts
  2. Who would you go to the yule ball with?
  3. Role play now Harry asks you to go to the yule ball with him you say.....
  4. Voldermort says join me you say....
  5. Harry says will you join our DA meeting and you say....
  6. You were in the daily prophet
  7. Who would you be like?
  8. Your fav colour sorry:(
  9. Fav number
  10. rolplay Draco says marry me you say

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