Dude,lets make this short and sweet, we both no you really aren't the normalest kid at your school, or your block, or your state,but that's ok we all have are problems, TAKE THE QUIZ MAN!!! Please

Do U wake up in the morning every day with the same old question? "Am I normal?" And then u scream out into the world like a looney bird "JUST TELL ME!" Man, it's time to take this quiz

Created by: Quinn

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Sometimes do u think of your life as a movie?
  2. Something awful happened to your sibling, how do u react?
  3. U get a call from your crush, u...
  4. Do u back wash in someone's drink for your own amusement?
  5. What are your thoughts on cheese?...
  6. Do u feel bad about eating animals?
  7. What do u think of America's history?
  8. Do u stare at peoples hair because u are ashamed of your own
  9. Do u surprise your friends with water balloon attacks, just 'cause?
  10. Do U think your normal?

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