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IF you think Twilight is awesome, test your knowledge. Why not take this quiz to find out? This quiz shouldn't be the hardest to answer. If Albert Einstein was clever even when he was elderly, shouldn't you be even more clever at your young age? Try your best!

Are you a 100% pure-as-juice twilight genius? Do you have the requirements to get the Twilight title of being smart? Right now you may be deliberating about that. But thanks to this awesome quiz, you can discover the answer! If you have read Twilight AT LEAST 1000 times, you should get a somewhat good score.

Created by: 1 Twilight Fan

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  1. Who is the author of the Twilight Series?
  2. What is the Bella's FULL name ( when single)?
  3. Where does the Story take place (book 1)and What is it MAINLY described as?
  4. Why did Bella go live with her dad?
  5. Who is the first person to talk to Bella Swan and how does Bella describe them?
  6. What is the last name of the palest students at Bella's school?
  7. Who did Bella speak to from the Cullen family first?
  8. What did Mike Newton,Tyler Crowley and Eric Young ask Bella to in which he made Bella irritated?
  9. In what class did Edward Cullen introduce himself to Bella?
  10. What did Bella discover when she researched a theory/story told by an old friend?
  11. When Edward took Bella to his home how did Bella see Carlisle as?
  12. Where did Edward take Bella on a "date" with him and his family?
  13. Which of the following were like the leaders of the Nomadic coven that came while the Cullen's played baseball?
  14. What was the Nomadic leader like,when started on a challenge,according to Edward?
  15. To Which state and city did Bella go to when the nomadic vampire was trying to track her down?
  16. Where did Bella start to have a terrible pain on that made her scream and thrash around?
  17. How did Edward react when Bella appeared to be dying?
  18. What did Edward say to Bella that made her upset(in the hospital)?
  19. Where did Edward take Bella to after Bella was out of the hospital and back in Forks and how did she react?
  20. How many pages does Twilight have in total (including epilogue)?
  21. When was Twilight published?
  22. Do you Really love the Twilight series with all your heart? (You will regret it if you don't!) (*Me:smiles Cheshire cat style and cackles evily,MwaHAHAHA*)
  23. Who is in the Cullen/Hale family?
  24. Who (other than Edward) danced with Bella at prom and what was his warning message?
  25. What was the gift Bella got as a "Welcome Home" present and from who?

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