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  • 7 minutes in heaven (girls only, really good!!!)

    Your Result: Erik

    You open your slip of paper and read out, "7" Erik stands up, your heart beat quickens, you have had a crush on Erik since the day you met him. you blush and wall into the closet and get locked in, you sit down and talk some, he tells you that he has liked you for a while too, he pulls you over to him and has you sit on his lap, then kisses your neck, then cheek, then lips. You smile as they call time and you two walk out holding hands and sitting together, you two date then one day get married and have two kids.

    Well most people dont get married after kissing in a closet but that happen sin my quiz too. I liked it.

  • Look at that i got logan haha

  • Logan, I wanted Mitchell, but whatever

  • i got josh, ya i guess it would be like me, i mean it would be awkward dating my best guy friend...

    *not about quiz* People plz quit with the do this or you will die because you didnt do the chain mail thing. Its disturbing of how you would do that.

    Anyways great quiz!

  • Erik. Okay I guess. I like the cool spelling!

  • Mitchell

  • i love erik

  • Logans the best one. Ive done better seven minutes in heaven quizzes though. Everyone who takes this one please take in. Love is kind...Revenge is Sweet(Part 1) and (Part 2)

  • Erik. Cool.

  • Logan...... I love him

  • i got logan. WOAH.

  • Your Result: Josh

    You unfold your paper and call out "5" Josh comes up to you and gives you a weird look, you groan, you and him are friends but know this will be awkward. you two walk in, but he suddenly stops groaning, and just kind of blushes and looks down at your shoes. "sooooo...," you say, he leans in and quickly kisses you, you gasp. "what was that?!" you ask, "i like you, a lot," he tells you, "well," you say, thinking bout how you guess you kind of have feelings for him too, you lean in and kiss him back, you two kiss for a while then he pulls away and asks you out, you say yes. he then kisses you again and you get time called on you, you walk out hand in hand and sit in his lap for the rest of the night, you two get married one day and have one child

    Missy Prissy Cat

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