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  • Your Result: Damien {#3}88%
    "Number 3!" you call out clearly. An awkward silence booms across the room as Damien, the hot emo stands up. Damien is the type of emo who is actually pretty normal. He has dark brown hair, almost black, that falls down across his face, covering the eye. If you look closely, he has enchanting green-blue eyes. You've kinda had a crush on him, but still not clear about your feelings of him. In the closest, Damien gives up a sexy smile and starts kissing you. You feel allured and start kissing him back. He slides his hands up your top and for a split second, you thought you were going to faint of mix feelings. As you break the kiss, times up. The next day at school, he asks you out and you two date for an amount of time before he proposes to you.

    Lovsoul108 Nov 27 '15, 11:58PM

    emilysingle12 Jul 25 '13, 4:29AM
  • I got Eric and I love the story and the description of him!!!! :) I just wonder why did he cringe? Or did the creator just mean he froze or hesitated? Crap... Now that's going to bug me for the rest of the week...

    Elaine Evans Jul 17 '13, 9:15PM
  • Damien is HOT! Love your quiz! :)

    NutRoll99 Dec 26 '12, 6:49PM
  • Damien

    VAMPxKITTY Dec 16 '12, 10:48PM
  • Eh, the result was ok. The blonde jock named brandon. Sad thing is... I know someone almost exactly like that O.o but i dont, nor will i ever or have ever, liked him

    Sports19 Oct 17 '12, 9:02PM
  • Damien :D

    MB1404 Sep 22 '12, 9:56PM
  • Eric. AWESOME. it actually knew what i wanted!

    lollypopez Aug 9 '12, 10:43PM
  • ERIC SOUNDS FINE AS HELL!!! Guess you figured out who i got. =-D

    music monster J Aug 9 '12, 2:09PM

    foreveralone Aug 7 '12, 2:07AM
  • Brandon!

    Babe1002 Aug 6 '12, 10:57AM
  • Oh Damien, hot, hot, Damien.

    roseybrunnette Aug 5 '12, 2:58PM
  • lol...silly Eric. I love hims nows.XD

    Reanna15146 Jul 28 '12, 8:48AM
  • Ericc

    ShUdduP Jul 25 '12, 3:41AM
  • I got Damien :) I am into emo's.

    Beautiful Games Jul 24 '12, 2:01AM
  • whoo~hoo i got damien btw i love your description of him

    shayshay Jul 21 '12, 11:08PM
  • Omg his quiz wa gr8!

    JohnLennonLover Jul 21 '12, 9:15PM
  • Damien

    XXLuvinuXX Jul 21 '12, 1:40PM
  • Brandon...it actually made me think i really did hav a crush on this guy lol! I liked it:D

    VIPYasmin Jul 21 '12, 10:12AM
  • I got Eric....It actually knows what i like....wow

    IDontKnowMyName Jul 21 '12, 12:18AM
  • i love eric

    des4life Jul 21 '12, 12:05AM
  • I got brandon! Good quiz!

    taylor18 Jul 20 '12, 10:45PM

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