7 minutes in heaven (based on real hot guys!)

I've taken many 7 minutes in heaven quizzes on this site and i've liked most of them so i decided to make one myself, it's probably not the best quiz ever, but hey, you should take it!

Oh, and by the way, this quiz is not dirty so i'm sorry if that's what you wanted. Feel free to add on to your result in the comments, i will probably read it later.

Created by: Ali4ever

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  1. Pick a number (don't worry, whatever you pick, i'm sure you'll be happy with it)
  2. That last question was the only one that counted, the rest of these are just for fun.
  3. Do you like 7 minutes in heaven quizzes?
  4. Do you like the quizzes that Kish makes?
  5. What's ur fave color?
  6. what's ur favorite innapropriate cartoon?
  7. What do you do at school?
  8. How do u like ur cheesecake?
  9. What's ur favorite song out of these?
  10. What's ur LEAST favorite song out of these?
  11. what color is your hair?
  12. what color are your eyes?
  13. did you like my quiz?
  14. will you comment and rate?
  15. finally, are you ready to go into the closet?

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