7 min in heaven

There are many sterotype,but there quit a few that are dumb.steroypes is,after all,quite exceptional .what is stereotypes ?sterotypes is a group of rocking people.

Which sterotype are you?do you have steroypes power to qualify for your prestigious tittle?untill now you could only wonder.bye thanks this quiz is flaming

Created by: Lola nice

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  1. What your fav color
  2. What do you read
  3. What genre music do you like
  4. Fav bands
  5. Do you like emo and goth and scene kids
  6. If you could marry some who would it be i picking out the hotest guy I think of
  7. I hate
  8. I'm out of questions
  9. First question why life suck and nobody understand me
  10. Why preps are hot btw the ugly preps ask me to ask this question
  11. Bye please rate and comment

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