5 hours or less in heaven

You know the deal. Pick a number. None of the other questions count. My friends dared me too make one so here you go. Now I must have 150 so ya. IF you agree that michigan shall win AGAIN then comment.

As I said I have to fill the 150. Do you like cheese? Do you like the U of M? Then you are like me. Hazaah! I need to make 1 friggen 50. OMG get the ow my balls app its funny!

Created by: natstar43

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  1. Pick a number
  2. ajkdfkl
  3. dfafasf
  4. asdfasdf
  5. afdafdxsrr
  6. asdfasdf
  7. hgfgbu
  8. uhjgbnhuj
  9. yughbn hb
  10. uyhkjh
  11. You ready to go to the bedroom?

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