4 Boys and so many possibilities (Part 2)

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Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. I wake up to a screaming alarm clock. I hate it when it rings. And why do I have it on loud? I get out of bed not wanting to get up but I have to. Why must I endure this school day......
  2. I brush my teeth, take a shower, get dressed in a mini skirt that was white with a purple top that had a "I married myself" on it. I curled my hair and walked out of the door. I walked to school and met up with Nathan. He had jeans and a white and grey shirt that said "I'M PART OF THE SIX PACK MERCHANDISE" I had to giggle at the words. He looked at me confused and said "Is something wrong?" I shook my head and smiled "No I just saw your shirt." He smiled and said "Well I do come with a six pack." You laughed. He asked "But can you help me with homework tonight again please?" You nodded and said "Sure" Then you two had to go to your first period class or you two would be late.
  3. *Lunch* My classes went on through as a blurr. I sat with Steven. We went on about how we were little trouble makers back in elementry school. I missed having fun. But I want to have a different fun. I want to have a thrill, butterflies in my stomach, something that'll make me smile when I think of it. Something that is just a time of a life time. Steven looked at me and said "Hey are you doing anything tonight?" You nodded and said "I'm going to help Nathan with his homework. Why?" You say. "Oh I was thinking that maybe we could have hanged out tonight...." He said "But what about tomarrow?" You nodded your head and said "I'm free tomarrow." He smiled and said "Okay thats good." You smiled back and went on back to talking. Lunch was over and I had to go to my classes.
  4. I go through your classes and see Brad. "H-hi ____" He stuttered. "Hi Brad how was your day?" I asked. "Perfectly fine h-how about yours?" He said. "Good" I replied. "A-are you doing a-anything tonight?" He asked. "Yes I am I'm going to help Nathan with his homework." I said. "How about tomarrow?" He asked. "I'm going to be hanging out with Steven." I said. "How a-about the day after that?" He asked. "I'm free on that day." I said. "G-great! W-would you like to hang out with me that day?" He asked. I smiled and said "Okay" He smiled and we said our good-byes. I then walked over to Nathan's house to help him with his homework.
  5. I knock on his door and heard the neighbors next door. I then heard yelling and glass breaking. "Crazy people there" I thought to myself. The door opened and Nathan was there standing. "Hi ____" He said "Come in" I walked into his big house. I went to his room. And sat on his bed. "Ready to start on your homework?" I said. "Yeah...." He said. I went over his homeowrk and helped him. In an hour he understood it. "Thanks a lot _____" He said. "No problem" I said. I sat next to him on his bed. We soon started to talk. Then next thing I knew he was kissing me. I layed on my back and he was on top of me. After a while we stopped and I knoticed that the time was 6:00. "Wow its late..." I said. He hugged my waist and pulled me closer to him. He kissed my neck.
  6. I had to pull away so I wont be tempted to kiss him again. We said our good-byes and I walked home. I woke up the next day and got ready in some black jeans in a blue shirt that had a logo that said (whatever you want it to) and braided my hair. I walked to school and went through my classes. At my free period I was not getting my chemistry homework. I tried and tried to figure it out myself but couldn't. I wanted to scream and beat the answers out of my paper. I sighed and heard a familiar voice say "Having trouble with chemistry?" You looked above you and saw the bright yellow eyes of Jack. You looked down and said "No I don't need or want any help from you." "The entire period you've been staring at your paper, tapping your pencil and having a fustrated exprssion." I grew hot cause thats exactly what I did. He continued with a tired voice "But if you don't need help I'll just let you be so you can practice your new musical intrument the #2 pencil" He was going to turn around but he had me. "Fine your right I do need help....." I mumbled. He then came back and I said "I need help on this question here....." I pointed at a problem. He looked at it and explained to me what the question was really asking and how to work out the problem in a way that I never saw before. It was simple and easy to remember. Then when the period was over I understood my chemistry homework. "Thanks but where did you learn how to solve problems that way?" I asked. "I taught myself." He said. And for once that I known him he wasn't acting like a jerk to me. He then left quickly afterwards.
  7. I met with Steven after school and we just walked around in the small town park. We talked and had a great time swinging in weird ways and jumping off. We even rode on the little little kid's slide. Little kids were looking at us with the "what the heck?" expression on. I had a fun time. Then later at night we were sitting next to the edge of the pond. We were talking about school. "So how are your classes?" I asked. "They are boring I guess. You should know me by now _____. I can get bored easily." Steven said putting his hands behind his head and streatching. "Yeah you do get bored easily about practically everything...." I say a little sad. Has he grown bored of me? Steven looked at you and smiled "But I can never get bored of you...." He said. He kissed me. Later on we said our good-byes and left back to our homes.
  8. The next day I got ready for school in some skinny jeans and had a pink shirt on. I french braided my hair and had a flower in it. I left off to school. I saw Nathan. "Hi Nathan" I said. "Hey cutie" He smiled. "So do you want to come over to my house today?" He asked. "Sorry I can't I tols Brad that I would hang out today." I said. "Okay how about tomarrow?" He asked. "I wish but I'm busy tomarrow with groceries." I said. "How about the next day after that?" I asked him. "Its far but better then nothing." He smiled. I smiled back and then we had to leave off to our first classes. After first and second period I bumped into Brad. "Hi _____." He said. "Hi Brad how's your day?" I asked him. "I-its going f-fine. I-i can't w-wait for our time this afternoon." He stuttered. I smiled and said "Yeah see you after school." I left or else I would be late for my next class.
  9. At lunch I talked with Steven as usual. After a talk we decided that we wouldn't go deeper into the relationship just yet. I don't know what was holding me back. I liked him a lot. But something in my heart told me to wait and let it be more into the senior year. I don't know but I don't listen to my heart a lot but this time I am going to listen to what it has to say and try it's ideas. We talked like any other day. Then before I knew it the school day was over and I was waiting to meet up with Brad. He came and said "S-sorry to k-keep you w-waiting ______" I smiled and said "Its okay it wasn't that long of a wait."
  10. Me and Brad went walking around the mall. It started to rain so we had to find a indoor area since the mall we were at was a outdoor mall. Brad felt extreamly bad about the rain and he seemed to be beating himself up mentally. "Its okay but if you havn't heard Dance in the Rain." I walked outside I stood there for a second taking in the hard pouring rain. He smiled and walked out with me. Then we just danced in the rain. It was slow at first but it turned into a pointless dance but I had fun. I laughed and the rain finally stopped. "I hope you had a good time." Brad said. "I did" I smiled and kissed his cheek and I went back home. I had a fun time. I dried myself off and went to sleep happily.
  11. The next day I went through school like any normal day. Brad was out sick and Nathan had a big football game so he had to focus everything on that. Steven was on a vacation trip with his family to go to New Mexico for two days. So all day I was a little lonely. After school I helped with the grocery shopping and finished it eariler with my mom and dad. So I still had daylight left so I decided to walk around the out door mall. Then I saw Jack at the pharmacy getting some medication. Pain killers to be exact. I walked over to him and asked "Pain killers huh?" "Yup my father has a broken leg and its killing him. My mom is working so she had me go get his perscription." He said. "I see" I said. "So what brings you to the outdoor mall?" He asked as he paid for the perscriptions. "Just finished grocery shopping." I said. "I'm surprised that your not looking at clothing stores like normal girls" He said. "Well thats messed up" I said. "What?" He asked. "You called me weird." I said pouting. "Everyone is weird in their own way. I thought that yuo would know that by now." He said. "Oh....." Hours passed and we just talked. I found out that he's not all like a jerk. But right when I think that he shows his jerk side. But not as much as normal. Then we said our good-byes and left.
  12. Hope you liked part 2!

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