2LoveToday Love Quiz

Janis Spindel and her team of cupids have developed a 2loveToday Love Quiz to help you reflect on ones' personal feelings toward starting a relationship!

Janis Spindel's new online dating site, 2loveToday encourages all of our members to please be honest while taking our quiz! We've designed this quiz for your personal reflection ONLY!

Created by: Ashley
  1. How many relationships have you had in the past two years?
  2. You develop major crushes about:
  3. The celebrity relationship you envy most is:
  4. On a Friday night, your partner makes plans without you. You..
  5. If the person you're dating asked you to meet his/her parents,you would:
  6. The most important quality in a relationship
  7. Your ideal night out involves:
  8. You've been seeing your partner for a few months, but you meet a cutie at a party. When he/she asks for your number, you:
  9. You see your partner joking around with someone else. You:
  10. Are you sexually active with your date the first time you meet?
  11. What is the best quality you can give to your future partner?

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