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Please have the time to read this if you read 250 Years Without You. Even if you don't read it and decide to help, as I am quite needy right now. Sorry to bother you for your time.

Well I hope some of you haven't forgot and if you did, I don't blame you. My dad's away on a business trip so it's kinda lonely in the house I guess. I want to go to London someday. Their schooling is a lot more different. Well not really I guess.

Created by: Ivoryleaf

  1. Hi.
  2. As some of you know, I write the series, 250 Years Without you.
  3. And as you all further know, a part hasn't come out in about 2 months and maybe it's worrying you, maybe it's not.
  4. Well yeah it's worrying me too. I don't want to end it but really, I'm actually sorta stuck.
  5. This is not a quiz about me leaving or whether if I should continue or not. I do really want to continue but if I really can't think of anything, it's the end of this series.
  6. If I do decide there is nothing left, I will of course, start a fresh one.
  7. But that's not the point here. The point is, maybe anyone would like to help me? I seriously don't want to end it in the middle/beginning and I had such big plans for it. I just have nothing to lead up to those big plans.
  8. So if you have any suggestions of where we left off, or anything at all that you would like to see happen that is not huge and major, please let that idea out. I would love to hear what others would think and I would be so thankful of all the help.
  9. And really, just thank you all for maybe even waiting and I know most of you probably already given up and just I haven't had much time lately. I'm trying to get my stuff together because I'm going to high school soon and I don't want all these bad study habits.
  10. If you want any ideas on what you could suggest because I do already have some things planned, just not written out, you could maybe email me? It's at ivorymarguerite@gmail(.)com. Just thank you all so much for everything.

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