10 Sexy Minutes

This is just like 7 minutes in heaven. It is the same only with more time in the closet. Alex is hosting the party, there will be alot of cute guys there. Will you go?

Alex is hosting a party while her parents arent home. There will be jocks, nerds, asnd perverts there all ready to play 10 sexy minutes. Who will you get?

Created by: Crimson2121
  1. Alex is haveing a party: Do you go?
  2. Forced or not you go, they are playing 10 minutes in heaven. Do you play?
  3. Forced or not you play: Pick a number
  4. Pick a letter
  5. Which would you wear?
  6. How do you like kissing?
  7. Where do you like guys to touch you the most?
  8. What eye color do you like best?
  9. Are you confident?
  10. Tracey is up first, she gets Nate: They open the closet and they are haveing sex
  11. Your up next: Ready to see who you got?

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