zombie survival quiz

genius was being so smart... if your score was high... you were a genius... but if not... SORRY your not a genius at all... just try to practice until you get the highscore

smart was just smart... but its better when you are a genius... genius have a brainpower... it was better if you got highscore... its worse if you have low score...

Created by: Chicksman

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  1. you wake up in the house of your friend and no one is in ... you here the radio about the the zombiefying virus spreading that came from russian and then spread to the whole world... how will you prepare???
  2. the story is this:one day.there was a man named rick.he created the zombiefying virus called rage virus. what will you do???
  3. you saw another house... do you think you will get in or you will end yourself up... what will you do???
  4. you just saw someone sleeping... it looks like it needs help... will you help him/her???
  5. then you next saw a building... its locked... what will you do???
  6. the police let you in but he said you hide too... there will be an all out launch horde of zombie... what will you do???
  7. what will you do there???
  8. you escaped!!! but there were two zombies and you must escape them... but,there were two in your 4 sides... what will you do???
  9. you found an abandoned house... will you get in???
  10. in the radio , someone is talking about the zombies... 5 munites later... zombie hordes are going in your house... what will you do???
  11. player 2 in part 2 now... you waked up in the hotel in your room... you just hear gunshots and sirens... what will you do???
  12. you get out... but... where will you go???
  13. you found a police... he got a shotgun in his back... what will you do???
  14. someone close to you is a zombie... what will you do???
  15. you found another car... you escaped... you found someone... will you help her???
  16. you found another car... will you get in???
  17. you try to leave the place where she is... now you found another assts. who will you choose???
  18. your on the car to escape again... you saw someone sleeping at the back seats... what will you do???
  19. you try to escape in the car... you saw two houses... where will you go???
  20. where will you go???
  21. you saw player 1 there... you get out now... your in your car... the radio is talking... it says:ahhhhhhhh!!!there is a tsunami!!!it is the end!!! but your car has no more gasses... what will you do???
  22. you found four places... where will you go???
  23. you escaped... where will you go ???
  24. you saw the rage virus... how will you destroy it???

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