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How well do you know zim, gaz, dib, and gir? this test will determine if you are a true fan, or just clicked it for the weird (but cool!!!) cover picture.

soo, do you think you can do this? or are you just another hippy watching t.v on a lazy sunday? take this 21 question invader zim quiz to find out for sure!!!

Created by: Ninjawarrior

  1. In the episode :megadoomer why were the boxes switched?
  2. In the episode :the sad, sad tale of chicken foot why did the chickenman smell so bad?
  3. when zim broke into the mall, the mall security sent an army of what to zim?
  4. How long did it take zim to get to earth?
  5. What was the last made episode of invader zim?
  6. How does zim get to his secret lab?
  7. why did everyone think dib was crazy?
  8. in what episode did zim's robots dance?
  9. what is gir's costume?
  10. what does zim come home to at the end of the episode "the fry cook what came from all that space?"
  11. why does zim think tak has a crush on him?
  12. why does zim eat waffles in "zim eats waffles?"
  13. why does gaz hate dib?
  14. did gir and zim ever switch bodies?
  15. what is zim's temporary friends' name?
  16. true or false: gir feels bad about getting them lost in walk of doom?
  17. what does s.i.r mean?
  18. in "game slave 2" what is gaz's enemy's name?
  19. in NANOzim, how did zim get inside dib?
  20. how many times dib gaz yell "whiner" in lice?
  21. do you like invader zim?

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