"There are many good duelists , but many noob also. What is a skiller?What is a noob ?? A skiller is thew best duelist , he can win all the others and know very well to play . The noobs believe that they can win all the others but they don't know how to play .

Are YOU a skiller? Do you have the ability to win all the other duelists ? Or you are a noob ? thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: ditroller

  1. How many cards has your deck ?
  2. do you believe that you have the ultimate deck ?
  3. Whick card of them is broken ?
  4. What is your opinion about your duel level ?
  5. Are you going very much in champion ships ?
  6. Which of these decks it's better ?
  7. How many of your duels are wins ?
  8. Have you create decks or you play with metagame decks ?
  9. How many time do you play ?
  10. How many copies of the card "Card Trooper" do you have in your deck ?

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