Yugioh Quiz Time!

Many people say that they are "Fans" of Yugioh. But then they can't even answer a simple Yugioh question. Are you one of those people or are you a real fan.

In my quiz find out if you are True blue down to the core Yugioh fan or if you are just one of the fakes. Or mabey you have no idea what I'm talking about and in that case please just leave now. I'm worning you!

Created by: Zankyou315

  1. Do you like Yugioh, Tv show and/or Game?
  2. How many malenium items are there?
  3. Does Marik have a brother or sister?
  4. How old is Yugi Mouto?Not Yami.
  5. How many Bakuras are there!
  6. What is Kiaba's favorite card?It would be sad if you didn't know.
  7. What is Yami/Yugi's favorite card?
  8. Is Tea important in the Yugioh series?
  9. Does is Marik evil?
  10. How many times does Mokuba get held hostedge?
  11. Last question: What is The Pharaoh Yami's True name?
  12. I hope you liked my Quiz please rate and comment.

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